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Igawa debut on TV
Live Phil Hughes blog

There’s a great feature at the great site Project Prospect about the top outfielders in the game under the age of 25, in which they noted this little tidbit about Melky:

So why the sudden ascension? Strike zone control. Cabrera walked 56 times while only striking out 59 in 460 at-bats. He nearly K’d twice for every walk in the minors.

Great stuff, never realized that about El Leche. (yes Tabata is on the list too…)

Igawa debut on TV
Live Phil Hughes blog
  • b/c

    Watching the game, and T Clip is sitting, sitting at 92. Thanks alot Jim Callis. Again a low 90’s heater consistantly.

  • Mike A.

    Eh, TV guns are always high, plus throwing an inning out of the pen will add 1-2 mph as opposed to throwing 5 innings as a starter.

  • b/c

    He threw 2 innings, and his velocity went up as he pitched. He was hitting 93 consistantly on the ESPN gun at the end of his second inning. As well, he was in no way overthrowing to add velocity.

  • JB

    Bronson Sarndhia is much better hitter than Doug M. Do you think there’s chance that The yankees hand the 1stbase job to this kid?

  • Adam

    Thanks for the pub Mike. We’re posting our Top 50 pitchers under 25 this Saturday.

  • Thomas Weber

    Thomas Weber

    Clippard has added weight to his lower body. Hopefully, next year he will better develope his upper body. He has always been a string bean. I have always liked his mound presence, and his command on a good fastball. The improved command of his change up and curve SHOULD come. He looked good against the Tigers, but as you say, he needs work. He was a little “tight” and looked like he was trying to “overthrow” his off speed stuff. Almost like he had a kind of brain lock because he was trying to be too fine with his off speed stuff. This is a sign of a lack of confidance in it. He’s a guy to keep an eye on, though I believe that he will need AT LEAST a half season till he is ready for the bigs.
    On Sanchez, I’m waiting to see how much they need to modify his throwing motion to put less stress on the forearm and elbow. This will tell when he is ready for the bigs. I saw him only once last year and he looked great. Shortly afterword, he was hurt. IF they have trouble changing his throwing motion, he can always move to the bullpen. I, like you, question if he is healthy, but IF he is, then he’s a fine prospect.
    I also loved what Gardner’s speed did in the ninth. I’m a big advocate of speed kills in close games.

  • JB

    Kei Igawa Debut against Tigers

    Thanks to MoRivera for uploading this Video

    According to Yes and espn Igawa hit 88-92 on the gun.

  • James

    I think he’s called “Leche”. You can’t say “El Leche” in Spanish, and “La Leche” would be too fem for a nickname.

    Sardinho has been exciting, but I’m sure he’s a career minor leaguer. Three spring games do not a minor league career make up for. (I know, I’m a poet. It’s a gift.)