Igawa debut on TV


For those of you watching at home (or the office), Kei Igawa’s Spring Training debut is about to begin. You can catch Igawa vs. the AL Champion Tigers on the YES Network or at

Update by JP: Eh. Per Pete Abraham: one full inning, one batter into the second. Three strikeouts (two swinging), three walks, two hits, two runs, 40 pitches, 20 strikes. Could be worse, for certain. The interesting part will be seeing how he improves next time out.

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  • Ben

    That was a Wright-ian effort by Igawa. 40 pitches an inning!

  • Mike A.

    Nothing like taxing the bullpen in early March!

  • Travis G.

    a very nice win today. good to see the kids having fun. it could be the biggest moment in Sardinha’s career (but hopefully not).

    Kei looked ok to me. he definitely got squeezed on several calls which upped his PC considerably. another guy said he K’ed 5 guys in the 1st inning with all the missed calls. anyway, his stuff looked pretty good, a sneaky FB with a nice change and curve.

    Mo was utterly dominant. Det. wasn’t even close. Proctor also looked great. but the star of the day goes to ‘The Yankee’ Clippard for 2 hit-less innings showing great command of all his pitches. a nasty curve and change, and well located low 90s FB. i cant wait to see more of him.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    It looked like the ump was squeezing him. There were a good 5 or 6 pitches in the first that looked like strikes to me.

    Do the umps haze new imports?

    (Tho he did get some help on the k-looking to end the first, which looked nowhere near the zone. Maybe the ump felt bad for the missed calls earlier in the inning.)

    Not a bad outing tho. He looks like he has good stuff.

  • Travis G.

    what happened to my comment from earlier?

  • Mike A.

    It’s ST for the umps too.

    Rookie pitchers have to “establish” themselves with the umpire before they start getting borderline calls, and I’m sure the same is true with int’l imports. Hopefully Dice-K is getting the same treatment.