• Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I had a bad feeling after Melky had the half-assed at-bat in the top of the 8th and couldn’t get the runner in from 3rd w/ one out.

  • http://www.bjvicks.com/whimsy/arod_vs_jeter/ archetype

    No question. Pull Giambi for a PR? As if Alex is going to ever see a pitch to hit.

  • Malcard89

    Terrible loss. I can already see the NY Post headline tomorrow

    NO MO JOE!

    That was really stupid of Torre to think the game was in the bag and take Giambi out. And Rivera in after giving Myers and Vizcaino one batter each? Double-You-Tee-Eff is that about?

    Girardi for Yankees Manager 2008!

  • ShawnT

    I was just at the game and Joe Torre is the Jackass, who i give full blame for this loss, and also ruining my freakin weekend up here in boston, i was gunna get tix for 2morro but now im a little to pissed off to go to.
    So thank joe for being a DEE DEE DEE

  • http://jetervsarod.info the Feudmeister

    I could understand pulling Giambi late in a game in that situation if he’s playing first base and if you’re playing for one run. But with a 4-run lead? Even if Kevin Thompson were The Flash, he only scores one run, and that’s if the bottom of the order can drive him home from first base. What’s more likely? That? — or Giambi hitting a 3-run homer in his next at-bat?

    The sooner Torre rides off into the sunset, the better. I don’t know about Girardi taking over, though. He did great managing a team full of young players, but how well would he handle a team of veterans, some of whom played alongside him not that long ago?

    My vote goes to Mattingly; he may not be ready, but he’ll have the players’ respect for sure. Besides, what does he really have to do besides write the lineup every day, and hopefully pencil in the Rocket every 5th day come summertime?