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Salt on the wounds

With Darrell Rasner’s untimely removal today — perhaps due to a painful blister — the Yankees starting rotation completed its first run through the rotation. While the Yanks are missing Chien Ming-Wang, their young ace, the early returns are hardly promising. Let’s take a look.

Carl Pavano 4.1 6 4 2 2 8.31
Andy Pettitte 4.0 6 2 3 2 4.50
Mike Mussina 4.0 8 6 3 4 13.50
Kei Igawa 5.0 8 7 3 2 12.60
Darrell Rasner 4.1 8 5 2 2 10.38
Totals 21.2 36 24 10 12 9.97

So yikes. The Yanks’ starters are 0-2 with a 9.97 ERA in 21.2 innings. They are sporting a WHIP of 2.12 and are generally being a drain on the team. The bullpen has been asked to pick up at least four innings in every game this season, and the Yankees offense needs to generate 10 runs a game to stay in the win column.

The weather is a factor right now. It’s very hard to pitch in the cold. Fingers have no feeling, and breaking pitches are nearly impossible to spot. And it’s still just once through the rotation.

But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned. Sure, I’m concerned. I’m concerned when Paul Bako hits his first home run since 2004, and I’m concerned when no Yankee has come close to the 6th inning, let alone a quality start.

These outings will start to put pressure on the Yankees to find some pitching. I’m sure Brian Cashman is working Roger Clemens’ phone non-stop these days. I’m sure Phil Hughes, who had a solid first outing for the AAA the other day, knows what’s happening up here.

Over the next few weeks, the state of the Yankees pitching will become clear. Clemens will make a decision by the end of this month; Chien-Ming Wang will return to the anchor the rotation in a few weeks; and Hughes will have a few more AAA starts under his belt. But for now, we just have to hope that Pettitte and Mussina can regain their form, that Carl Pavano can stay healthy and that Igawa, Rasner or whoever else may pitch in that five spot can keep the team in the game.

Today's starter
Salt on the wounds
  • Rick

    The problem with this yankee staff is that they don’t have a guy in the rotation who can overpower guys with great stuff. Can Hughes give them that, yeah but you don’t want to rush him and then screw up his development. So the yankees are in a tough situation.

    To me if I was Brian Cashman, I wouldn’t go after clemens at all. Too old and he’s not gonna have the same success that he had in the NL.

    We got to be fair with our selves, Hughes is the Key to this rotation.

  • YankeesJetFan06

    Fire Guidry. He’s Old School. He’s done nothing as pitching coach.. He sits on the dugout and drinking. Bring Back Stottlemyre, or I would rather have Mets pitching coach Peterson. Yankees Starters have been horrendous but Offense and Bullpen are great so far

    Cano is so stupid, He missed popout by Tejada… It costs Yankees the ballgame.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    I’m not sure why I’m bothering responding to this grammatically terrible diatribe from the commenter above me but here goes. First, it’s one time through the rotation. Second, it’s 30 degrees out. Try to play baseball in this weather. It’s impossible. I’ve tried before. Not fun.

    Third, calling Cano stupid is ridiculous. It’s snowing and sunny and windy. That’s a play he should have made, but stupid? Errors happen. It didn’t cost the Yanks the game as the final score had the Orioles winning by two runs. What cost the Yanks the game was Paul Bako’s first home run since 2004. That is inexcusable.

  • http://riveravblues.com Mike A.

    Yeah it’s only been one turn through the rotation, but you can see how much the Yanks really need Wang to take the ball every 5 days.

  • Jake T.

    Not only is YankeesJetsFan not able to spell, but not even Clemens could teach Igawa how to get people out when hes throwing 89 at best and not locating his breaking pitches. And since when are yankees fans also jets fans. Yankees-Giants, Mets-Jets…always has been.

  • http://riveravblues.com Mike A.

    I’m a Yankee-Jets fan, and I’m pretty sure Joe is as well…

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  • Jake T.

    Ive been proven wrong. I guess thats just the only way ive seen it. I’m a Yanks Giants guy myself, but sorry Joe and Mike.

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