Why do we only get Billy Crystal???

A-Rod wants to stay in the Bronx
Down on the Farm

From NCAA Fanhouse: 

College baseball is much different from college basketball and college football; most games are not televised, most fans don’t know any players, and it draws very little revenue for the athletic department. In short, college baseball is not popular.

Except in Malibu, CA. That’s where the Pepperdine University Waves have become the trendy hometown team for the bourgeoisie Hollywood-type. So trendy in fact, that actress and uber hottie Pamela Anderson has adopted the Pepperdine baseball squad as “her” team.

She participates in fundraising activities for the Waves, going so far as to allow dinner dates with her to be auctioned. Her winnings in an NBA.com fantasy league are earmarked for the baseball program. Last spring, after Pepperdine reached the NCAA tournament, she hosted a barbecue for the Waves at her beachside home. Her sons – Brandon Thomas Lee, 10, and Dylan Jagger Lee, 9 – serve as part-time batboys for the team. …

Her presence serves as a distraction to Pepperdine opponents, says former Waves pitcher Paul Coleman, a Dodgers farmhand. “They’re warming up, stretching,” he says, “and their necks are turned toward the stands looking for her.”

Well, I suppose Billy ain’t that bad, and hey, we’ve always got the Mayor of the World. At least we aren’t stuck with Ben Affleck!

(hat tip to TPA)

A-Rod wants to stay in the Bronx
Down on the Farm
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