Yanks 4, A’s 3: The Giambino delivers

Down on the Farm
Moose and Pavano hit the DL, and this is a good thing

Not much to say on my end as I didn’t get to watch this game. Good win tonight, and good to see Giambi coming through with the big hit after an 0-for-5 evening. Maybe this will get him started.

I have just a few quick points:

  • I don’t see why Doug Mientkiewicz is pinch-hitting for anyone. At this point, his value lies as a late-inning defensive replacement for Giambi or Josh Phelps. With his 0-fer performance tonight, Mientkiewicz has now gone hitless in this last 23 at-bats and has reached base once in his last 24. That’s dismal. No amount of great fielding can compensate for that lack of hitting.
  • Meanwhile, I did indeed say Jason Giambi as a potential first baseman. Over three years ago on a baseball blog far, fara way, I wrote about split stats comparing DHs to their time in the field vs. their time solely as DH’s. In 2004, I noted that Jason Giambi hit significantly better in the field than he did as a DH. And the same still holds true. His slugging is .100 points higher when he plays the field. Maybe playing the field keeps him more focused on the game as a whole and less focused on succeeding during his one at bat every few innings. Sports are very psychological, and as Giambi continues to struggle, when will he get some starts in the field? Giambi’s bat producing at his normal level is much more important that a few runs per season saved with a better fielder. There’s no doubt about that.
  • Tonight was the third game in a row in which Scott Proctor pitched. I’m just sayin’.
  • Finally, good to see the bullpen throwing strikes. While burning up every reliever is never a good thing, 12 innings of shutting down the A’s is pretty damn impressive. No earned runs tonight from the pitching staff, and Farnsworth’s pitch totals — 16 pitches, 10 strikes — during his third appearance in three games is encouraging. Maybe he really did spot a flaw after all.

And finally, in very good news, Chien-Ming Wang took the mound Saturday in extended Spring Training. He went five strong innings, allowing no hits and striking out six. No word on how many ground balls he induced. Wang is now on target to rejoin the Yanks on April 24.

Down on the Farm
Moose and Pavano hit the DL, and this is a good thing
  • John

    Yes, historically Giambi has hit better at 1B than at DH.
    But let’s give that some context. Giambi played 1B when he was healthy and hitting well; this includes his best years (age 28-30) 1999-2001, playing 403 of 464 games in the field over that stretch.

    I can’t find 1B/DH hitting splits that go year by year, but he played 92 games at first in 2002 (his first with the Yankees) ringing up 435/598/314. How bad could his splits be? Since then he played 278 out of 524 games at 1B. When did he DH? When he was hurt (knee, wrist, back), and when dealing with steroid withdrawl and/or cancer.

    Maybe there is something psycological effecting him when he DHs, we’ll have this season to debate that. But to blame the results of injury and illness upon not playing the field is disingenuous.

  • Jb

    Britton called up


    Accordintg to EdPrice of Star Ledger, Britton gets the called up.. Good News that Britton get called up. He deserved it.

    Update: Carl Pavano (forearm) never got on a mound and Mike Mussina (left hamstring) cut short his side session after seven throws. Both assume they will go on the DL; no official announcement yet.

    With the Yankees having used all 7 relievers last night, Chris Britton has been called up from Triple-A Scranton. Britton just walked in the clubhouse; the guess here is Carl Pavano will go on the DL.

    Bad News for Pavano and He will be headed for Dl again..

    It’s being reported by Sweeny as well. Chris Britton is in Oakland already he will be activated the other spot will be filled on Tues my guess Chase Wright because he is already on the 40 man

    I guess Chase Wright gets the nod after all.

    Can Yankees placed Doug Mikenktwitchz in 60 disable list? Unable to perform in clutch situations , He’s horrible hitter.

    I hope Yankees promote and give a chance with Eric Duncan.