Moose and Pavano hit the DL, and this is a good thing

Yanks 4, A's 3: The Giambino delivers
Down on the Farm

Why you ask? Because their likely replacements will probably outperform them.

Phil Hughes is perfectly capable of matching the 11.1 IP, 12 H, 7 R, 6 ER, 2 BB, 4 K line put up by Pavano, and I’m sure Mighty Matt can match Moose’s 6 IP, 11 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 4 BB, 4 K effort.

Chase Wright is not the answer. If you think he is, then I hope the simplicity of calling him up because he’s lined up to start Tuesday and is already on the 40-man roster comforts you when he gets his brains beat in. Start the process of dumping Colter Bean and Jeff Kennard off the 40-man (seriously, why do these guys have a spot anyway? They’re dead weight), and get Hughes and DeSalvo ready to go.

I can’t fathom why everyone’s afraid to call Hughes up. He’s learned as much as possible in the minors, he’s as ready as he’s going to get, and the Yanks have the need for him. The Yanks can show some confidence in Mighty Matt after his dominant outing, and help him further get back on track.Â

It’s an ideal situation: they’re low risk moves with the potential for great reward, plus they’re nice and easy to back out of.Â

FYI, Britton got the call to reinforce the pen for the next couple of days.

Let’s get a little discussion going: who should fill in for Moose and Meatball, why, and how will they fare?

Update: The Yanks have decided who will start Tuesday, but won’t announce who it’ll be until the player has been notified. Translation: Double-A Trenton will need to find a starter for Tuesday. Sigh.

I can’t believe I have to campaign for a Phil Hughes promotion….

Update Part Deux: It’s Chase “I’m half the pitcher Hughes is, but I’ve made 2 great starts in a league I’m too old for after having 1 good year since being drafted in 2001” Wright. I’m not bitter…

Yanks 4, A's 3: The Giambino delivers
Down on the Farm
  • Joseph P.

    Seriously, the Baseball Gods can’t be any clearer about their desire to see Phil in the majors.

  • Rick

    I guess people forgot what phil Hughes did in his last start uh. It’s clear he’s not ready yet, and while Jim Callis repeatedly say that if he was the yankees Hughes would be pitching in the Majors now, I still think he needs some time learn some stuff like how to work inside or using his change up efectively. Hughes can be our Ben Sheets but don’t screw him up. Just my perspective.

  • Malcard89

    Good FREAKIN’ Grief!!

    How in the world can Hughes be ready when he’s not even comfortable in AAA?? Forget the weather, if that was a valid excuse, then you have to give it to every other pitcher in the SWB rotation as well as the opponents’, and clearly the opposition had no trouble beating Hughes while the Yankees had trouble scoring more runs on the opponent’s pitcher, cold weather and all. Give him time to learn to use the changeup effectively and THEN bring him up! Hughes is in no way “as ready as he’s going to get” because he still has one more pitch to learn.

    Since this is an emergency, I guess Matt Desalvo should be called up, since there’s no other way he should be considered for a major league job at his age and variety of mediocre pitches besides the changeup. That makes a 5-Man rotation (Pettite, Igawa, Rasner, Henn, Desalvo) until April 24th. Wang is expected to be back, at which point Desalvo can be sent down, and Karstens is expected to follow very soon after. Problem solved, Hughes gets to spend more time at AAA and can be called up once all of his pitches are of major league quality.

    BTW Mike, I’ve been wondering if the Yankees made the right move in promoting Vechionacci when he was only league average at best in Charleston last year (around .740 OPS). The same goes for Tim Battle and Eric Duncan (although he had an .840 OPS in Trenton courtesy of a hot start). Why do the Yankees continue to push them when they clearly didnt dominate at their levels, and were actually pretty bad at lower levels? Duncan is hitting .190, and Vechionacci and Battle are doing around the same. Don’t you think they should stay at the levels they struggled at last year, wait until they can really dominate those levels, and THEN promote them?

  • Zack

    I agree guys. The thought of the Yanks doing to Wright what they did to Henn make sme really angry. Bump up Hughes/Clippard/De Salvo, any of the AAA guys and bump Wright up in their place. There’s a reason hes in AA and seeing his confidence get destroyed in the majors will make me furious. Hughes can handle a rough start, as can the AAA guys…

  • Mike A.

    Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, Phil Hughes can succeed in the bigs without a great changeup. His second and third time through the league is when he’ll need the change, as teams get a book on him.

    So Phil’s last 2 starts have been subpar, what about the 40 starts before that when he embarrased the opposition?

    DeSalvo comes from the David Cone school of pitching: 20 different pitches from 15 different arm angles. He excels by keeping hitters off balance. Every year of his career looks the same except one, his bad one last year. He’s dominant when he’s right.

    Do you really think Sean Henn and Chase Wright ar better options?

    RE: Promoting Vech, Battle, Duncan
    Good moves, Vech and battle were crushing the ball at the end of last year, and they needed to be moved up. I would have liked to see Duncan start at Trenton, but what can you do.

    Players do not need to dominate a level before they’re promoted.

  • Rick

    Well Mike, technically, Hughes one bad start which was his last start. His first start, was pretty solid.

    Alright Mike you are saying that lets say he makes the majors, His FB/CB combo is good enough for him that we can say it can buy him some time to develop his change up? I don’t know, if that can work. I am 50/50 on that.

    One more question?
    If there was one pitcher you would compare Hughes to, who would it be?

  • Malcard89

    Thanks for the info on Battle and Vechionacci, Mike. I’m watching the Yankee game and they confirmed like u guys just updated, Wright will be getting the start. This is definitely a wrong move, it’ll be Henn 2005 all over again. However, Hughes isnt the right move either, because those 40 previous dominant starts u mentioned were against AA competition, so that can hardly be used as a reason to say he can do good against major leaguers. Tough to be Yankees management right now for sure…

    I wonder what’s taking Humberto Sanchez so long. If he were here, he could get some consideration too.

  • Eric Schultz

    Wright is a timing thing, because he’s slated to pitch tuesday. Also, he is the hot hand right now, so it’s not a terrible idea to give a guy who has some momentum a chance. I’m sure DeSalvo or someone else from Scranton will be up shortly if Karstens and Wang aren’t back quickly.

  • djna

    Steve Phillips: “It’s time to panic Yankees Fans.” Recent Injuries in starting rotation with Pavano and Mussina”.

    John Kruk: “Yankees are in Deep trouble.”

    Gammons said it better- they just have to get to mid-May with their heads above water. Then, it’ll be on, more or less.

  • Sean McNally


    Chill out man.

    I think Larry Mahnken said it best: “If Wright comes up and gives up four runs in four innings … you’re in the game and happy. If Hughes comes up and does the same thing – its a freaking disaster.” Sometimes you have to think a little long term. Hughes’ll come up, but this is the right move for now.

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    Since Veras had surgery to remove bone chips in his elbow and needs to be on the DL for 3 monthsish anyway, I would have moved him to the 60-day DL and put DeSalvo on the 40-man roster.

    This is because
    1: I don’t think Wright should be promoted since he has exactly 14 innings above A ball. I realize they were 14 amazing innings, but still, I would rather he have more experience against better competition before getting called up to the majors.

    2: Matt DeSalvo is the only AAA pitcher performing well and with consistency (yes, I realize I am talking about 2 starts).

    3: Matt DeSalvo, unlike all the other pitchers in AAA, also pitched in AAA last season as well. I understand that he wasn’t good during that stint, but the experience is still there.

    4: I understand that Phil Hughes is the franchise and he could probably succeed in the majors, but I would rather he not be called up until he shows consistent success in AAA. There isn’t any reason for it. Even if people want to blame the cold for his last sub par start, it will be coldish and rainy on Tuesday night. Why not wait until conditions are more ideal for him?

    RE Duncan, I think he should have started the season in AAA. He had an OPS of .840 in AA last season. He proved he could hit at that level.

    My $0.02

  • Adam B.

    Of all of the pitchers who could start Tuesday on normal or a day’s extra rest Wright makes the most sense. First, Hughes showed with AA and so far with AAA he needs an adjustment period for each level he goes to. And the weather in the Bronx is going to be miserable for a few more days, so if Wright gets hurt, it doesn’t hurt as much because he’s more of a spare part right now. Plus it makes sense to see if his stuff translates well to the big leagues as he could be a possible trading chip or kept around if more injuries pop up for starters.