Down and down they go


In the “Can You Believe It?” Department, Darrell Rasner took a ball off of his index finger in the first inning today, and well, it broke. Rasner now will be out until the All Star break or so, according to reports. He joins Jeff Karstens, Phil Hughes, Carl Pavano, Mike Mussina and Chien Ming Wang on the list of Yankee pitchers who have been or currently are on the DL. Who put the curse on this team?

Categories : Asides, Injuries
  • yankz

    Aaron Boone.

  • Rick

    After watching this team, it’s nothing more than Bad luck.

  • Doug G

    I blame Johnny Damon when He announced during Spring training Yankees are best team in Al.Thanks Johnny for putting hex on this team. Be care what you wish for and what you say.

    Also Cashman signing Doug Mienkiencrap . He’s last person who field last out during 2004 world series.

  • Marsha

    Definitely Bernie Williams.