• steve

    this season isn’t getting any easier

  • NYFan50

    Things go from bad to worse. At least they scored more than 3 runs tonight.

  • Stuart

    this hurts alot. now they have minimum 1 very questionable pitcher in the rotation. I know Hughes only has 2 starts but his stuff is way better then anyone else they have for the 5th starter..

    Clippard and others are just not ready from my point of view that said I like clippard better then Desalvo for sure…..

  • Rick

    I find the reason for why the season has gone terrible for the yanks.

    It’s bad luck. This is a fluke year.

  • Joseph M

    I hope Hughes doesn’t turn into another Kerry Wood.

  • NYFan50

    Wood had arm problems. Totally different animal.

  • Stylez

    A grade three should only sideline him for in extra week on top of his recovery time for his hammy, but dont you get the feeling that the yankees are babying him like they always have when I still thik he could be ready for mid June to late June.

    I get the Consesus that they will hold him back until Early July so He can get a start or two before the All Star festivities.

    Fact is his stuff is better right now then any yankee pitcher…..including the “rocket”

  • Rich

    Twenty year olds tend to heal quickly.

  • steve

    i dont know stylez grade three is the worst, and its his planting food, that has to heal before he even starts throwing. still probably 6 weeks out at the earliest … there is no way the yankees will take a chance with this kid, he will be absolutely 100% before they let him pitch in any games

  • RobinCT

    Fuck! is right.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    I just keep repeating, “It’s not an arm problem.” Things could be a lot worse for Hughes. This is a cascade injury. It’s far from the worst thing that could have happened to Hughes.

  • Gary

    Please keep the f bombs off this site so everybody can see it.