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John Sickel's Mock Draft
Why I'm sick of Mike Mussina

Tyler Clippard left today’s game against Norfolk with an injury after the 1st inning. No idea how serious it is, but when I find out, I’ll let ya know…

Update: There are some rumblings that Clippard was pulled early because he’s going to start Sunday for the Yankees. The NEW YORK Yankees, not the Scranton variety. Good grief…

John Sickel's Mock Draft
Why I'm sick of Mike Mussina
  • Yankee1010

    There has been some talk at lohud that the radio announcer said he was pulled after 1 and is headed to NY, presumably to make the start Sunday night. I hope that’s the case.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    I was just thinking that myself…

  • http://www.iwritebaseball.com Adam

    I’m a big Clippard fan, but unlike Hughes, he is one pitcher who really does need more time at Triple A. He just doesn’t have the raw stuff to get by without proper seasoning. He hasn’t been bad so far in the run prevention, but his peripherals indicate that much of that may be based on luck. He is allowing far too many base runners and that just won’t cut it in the majors. He needs more time to adjust to AAA, before he can even think about the bigs.

  • http://yanksandmore.blogspot.com Eric Schultz

    I think it’s probably just a one-shot deal, because the Yanks havae nobody for that spot (aside from Wang on 3-day’s rest, which proably isn’t necessary this early in the season).

  • Stylez

    Hmmmmm, well Out of all the top pitching prospects the yanks have healthy I would say Ty, definitely needs more seasoning in AAA as stated, but He certainly deserves the call up more than anybody else aside from hughes based on his performance the last couple of years. Yes, his stuff is not electrifying and he wont gas it by anyone particularly but he mixes up really good and he racks up alot of strikeouts. Expect a line of 5 or 6 innings of 3-4 runs by him.