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Lots of Yankee stuff today, including two questions (draft related) from our own Mike A.

Jesse G. (Bourne, MA): How much of the Yankees injuries so far can be attributed to their now fired coach for “performance enhancement?” How important are the stretching routines that players use from team to team?

SportsNation Keith Law: I do believe that most hamstring/groin injuries are preventable with proper conditioning and stretching. Whether the Yankees had that or not, I couldn’t say, but I do believe that there is some responsibility on the coach when there’s a run of similar injuries like this.

brendan, providence: after the first month who do you think is the best team in baseball? i gotta say the red sox. and with the yankees finally having some bad injury luck is this the year their playoff run ends?

SportsNation Keith Law: Yes, I’d say the Sox are the best team in baseball right now. I wouldn’t count the Yankees out this early. Too much season left to be played, and their offense is still outstanding.

Brian Cashman: Hi Keith. Who should I dip into in my farm system in the short run for Hughes’s spot? Clippard? Please tell me the best available pitcher for a month or so and why. Thanks.

SportsNation Keith Law: If you’re staying internal, Clippard isn’t just the best option, he might be the only one. And I’m not very confident in him either – fringy stuff guy who survives on command, the type of pitcher that doesn’t usually succeed right away in the majors.

Al (British Columbia): What is the status of joba Chamberlain? I have not seem him play this year in the minors after a productive Hawaiin debut last year. Is he a future starter stud, decent starter or a bullpen guy. Thanks KLAW.

SportsNation Keith Law: Out with a leg injury, hamstring or groin.

Mike A. (SD, CA): Any chance Canham gets to the Yanks at #30? Would Arencibia be an overdraft there at this point? The Yanks need someone to be Jorge’s heir.

SportsNation Keith Law: I’ve heard reports of continuing arm soreness for Canham, which will definitely push him down, because his status as a first-rounder was predicated on him being an offensive catcher. I’m not big on Arencibia, but I have to cut him a little slack since he missed quite a bit of time early due to injury. I’ll see Arencibia at the SEC tourney … if they bother to qualify.

Brian (NYC): Keith, do you see any truth to the rumor that the Yankees could be moving Farnsworth to Philly for Jon Lieber?

SportsNation Keith Law: Lieber would be an upgrade for the Yanks, but he hasn’t gotten a lefty out since 2001 or so – not an asset when you’re facing Boston and Tampa 19 times a year.

Pat(Chicago): Please help me understand. What’s with managers (*cough Torre) pulling their big bats for pinch runners in the seventh and eighth?!? What’s really more likely, the slightly faster guy getting home instead of to third on a single or that bat sitting on the bench in the ninth when you really need it. This bugs me to no end.

SportsNation Keith Law: Bugs me too. Patent overmanaging.

Mike A. (SD, CA): If he ends up being draft eligible, where does Max Scherzer go?

SportsNation Keith Law: Great question – I’m guessing a big-market team pops him in the sandwich round, Boston, Mets, Yanks, maybe Rangers or Cards (both teams with histories of taking Boras clients).

John (Denver): What do you think of Igawa so far? He looked great on Saturday but otherwise has been inconsistent at best. Will he ever quit throwing every other pitch out of the zone?

SportsNation Keith Law: I think he has to pitch that way. I still say he’s a reliever if he stays in the AL East/Central.

Vito Spadafore Jr. (NJ): Hughes or Dice K?

SportsNation Keith Law: Dice-K. Come on, you’re comparing a 21-year-old who’s still developing to a 26-year-old who’s more of a finished product.

Pat(Chicago): What do you think of Torre having Pettite pitch on his throw day?

SportsNation Keith Law: I love it – but given his own injury questions, is Pettitte the guy you want to try that with?

Chris: NJ: What is the percentage chance that the Drays finish ahead of the yanks this year?

SportsNation Keith Law: 5%.

367 at bats
Down on the Farm
  • Rick

    Fuck that chat, here’s the real big news.

    Tim Lincecum is making his major league debut on the sunday night game on ESPN against Cole Hammels and the Phillies.

  • Rick

    I hope Hughes is fully healthy by June.

    Can you imagine a match up on Fox with Phil Hughes Vs. Tim Lincecum.
    If you love young talented pitchers, that would be sexy. My dick is hard already just thinking about it.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Sorry, but I’m taking Phil over Dice. Just look at what Dice did tonight against an inferior Mariners lineup. When you look at Phil you see dominant stuff. Even if his fastball doesn’t clock much more than Dice’s, his fastball seems to move more, to explode. Dice has looked closer to Igawa than to Hughes. A lot of junk and trickery, and therefore walks. Of course, I’ve only seen Phil pitch the game vs Texas, and I’ven only seen 3 of Dice’s starts, so maybe I’m missing something.

    Per conditioning, I’ve heard that Manchester Utd went to yoga in the late 90s for their players. That was about the same time that Ryan Giggs, their great winger who had missed months of every previous season with hammy issues, stopped having them.

  • Jesse G.

    That is my question. Sweet!

  • Jesse G.

    I also had a question/recomendation on that chat about “The Professor and the Madman” by Simon Winchester.