Selling the start time

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Down on the Farm

While the start of tonight’s Yankees-White Sox game will probably be delayed by rain, the game is scheduled to start at the odd time of 7:11 p.m. Why the odd choice of time instead of the usual 7:05 p.m. start? Because the White Sox are making money from 7-11. The South Siders are earning $500,000 a year to start their night home games at 7:11 p.m. as part of a promotional tie in. Baseball teams really do sell everything nowadays.

Read up on Jose Tabata
Down on the Farm
  • Patrick

    That’s pretty awesome. I wish someone would pay me to go to bed at the same time every night or something.

  • Joseph P.

    I’m with Patrick. That’s awesome. Don’t know why 7-11 would want to throw money away like that — their brand is already ubiquitous.

  • Rich

    Phooey! The game doesn’t really start until it’s Okayed from the Lowe’s announcing booth.

  • Mike Plugh

    Meanwhile, a 7-11 start in Chicago means a 9-11am start in Japan, which always makes me cringe to see. Funny how that number just jumps out at you when you see it these days….

  • Marsha

    Now I’ve heard everything.