The A-Rod fun never stops

Theeeeeeeeee Yankees Win!
RAB Exclusive: Interview with Keith Law

The Post, echoing my belief that athletes have girlfriends all over, reports that A-Rod and his blonde girlfriend were spotted in five cities.

The Daily News reports that Cynthia, A-Rod’s wife, has left the couple’s apartment. Just think of the money, Cynthia. We already know that’s all Alex thinks about.

And the Blue Jays aren’t too happy because A-Rod called for a pop-up yesterday … while he was running the bases. Nice little league play for A-Rod there.

It’s the Alex Rodriguez show these days in the Bronx. Anyone want to take bets on where he ends up next season: Chicago or Anaheim?

Theeeeeeeeee Yankees Win!
RAB Exclusive: Interview with Keith Law
  • stepheneliot

    Say what? The big stick or did I mean…Oh well you get my meaning and certainly A-Rod justifies his nickname for all of his playing activity. Pooh on you Alex.

  • Marsha

    According to the NY Times, Rodriguez either said “Ha” or “Hey, hey.” He did not call for the ball, which Larry Bowa noted would have been unprofessional. At least he didn’t knock the ball out of the third baseman’s hand.

  • wayne’s world

    A-rod is spending his off day working on the hidden ball trick, which he expects to execute in Boston this weekend.

    And informed sources say that it was not “hey” or “ha” that he said last night; three people in the know have said that it was “two, four, six, eight; pitcher’s got a bellyache.”

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