Checking in on Joba’s start today

Down on the Farm
Down on the Farm

Not to steal Mike’s thunder or anything, but I’m listening to Joba’s start on the radio today, so I thought I’d jump in with some updates.

We’re currently in the bottom of the first — Brett Gardner started things off with a triple. In the top, Joba notched three strikeouts and hit a batter. I’ll keep it updated as the innings go by.

What I noticed in the second inning: Joba was behind nearly every batter. But he used his off-speed and breaking stuff when down in the count for strikes. Another two strikeouts and a weak flyout. So out of seven batters faced, he has one flyout, one hit batter, and five strikeouts.

No strikeouts in the third, but Joba still put down all three in order (two flyouts and a groundout). I gotta say, I really like most minor league play-by-play guys. Why can’t they do it like this in the majors? This guy talks about the game 100% of the time. I know what’s going on; I can almost picture the game in my head. This is in stark contrast to John Sterling, who talks about himself and ignores the game most of the time.

Joba leads off the fourth by hitting a batter — the same batter he hit in the first. And he walked the next guy on four pitches. He really hasn’t done a good a good job of throwing first-pitch strikes today. I suspect that’s something that will keep him in AA for a while if it doesn’t improve. He followed up by striking out Chris Coste on a 2-2 pitch, though there were at least three two-strike foul balls during the at bat. A long fly ball out allow the runner from second to advance to third. D’oh. Line-drive base hit on a hung slider for an RBI. Wow. The inning ends on a loooooooooooong fly ball (right in front of the 407 sign).

The fifth inning opens with a double (hanging curve). Not a good sign for Joba. However, he’s thrown first-pitch strikes to the first two batters. Groundout to second gives the Phillies a runner on third and one out. Let’s see how/if Joba works out of this. And he gets a strikeout (another first pitch strike). Nice work, Joba. Another deep fly ends it after a long at bat (at least four fouls). Joba is over 80 pitches now, so that probably means he’s done. I vehemently disagree with this 80-pitch shit.

I’m glad to have placed my foot in my mouth: Joba’s out for the sixth. And he opens it up with a K. Chris Coste, a two-time strikeout victim today, grounds one through for a base hit. After going 2-0, Joba throws a curve for strike, and another strike to induce a weak infield popup. On his 98th pitch, Joba gets a weak grounder towards the middle. End of inning. I’m sure we won’t see him for the 7th, but his line is quite impressive:

6.0 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 8 K, 2 HBP

Down on the Farm
Down on the Farm
  • Jake T

    Try living in Boston, Sox play by play is like listening to a senile man’s thoughts

  • C-Note

    yea, and the pace of play is so much faster, no walking around the batters box or oitchers mound for an eternity between pitches… He seems not to be getting in strike 1 in third and the fourth and it ended up costing him— I’ll still take the line so far 4.0inn. 1H 1ER 1BB 6K’s

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Why doesn’t YES broadcast any of these damned games. What’s the point of having your own network, and a bunch of kick-ass mi-lg pitchers, if we never get to see them?

    There’s no Yankee game this afternoon. They could be showing Joba. Trenton’s just down the bloody road!

    Betances goes for SI on Wednesday. Will we get to see it? No. But the Mets’ network will be showing the Cyclones/SI game the following day.

    NESN shows Portland and Pawtucket all the bleeding time.

    Instead we get to see endless reruns of damned Yankeography and Kay’s stupid talkshow.

  • The Scout

    For a while, YES televised some minor league games (“Minor League Monday”) and Comcast broadcast a few AA Eastern League gains that sometimes featured Trenton. I don’t know what happened to these telecasts, but I guess YES found the ratings to be insufficient. Not enough fans are into the player development process to justify the telecasts, unfortunately.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Yes, but YES ought to consider it a loss-leader, building up fan interest in fututre Bronx stars.

  • C-Note

    AHEM to that! So sick of the endless re-runs of Kay’s sub-normal talk show…even if they showed the minor league games on tape delay in the middle of the night I’d tape them and watch them… it is the YANKEE network for Godsake.
    So far…
    5 in. 2H 1ER 1BB 7k’s

    He doesn’t seem to have his best stuff and he’s still putting up a start like this … for outing #2 @ trenton I’m pleased

  • cjc

    so YES should show the SI game Wed and not the actual Yankee game? YES had a contract with Columbus and SI last year to televise games not sure if they have one with SWB and they will send out some guys to SI to broadcast when they are home and the Yankees are off they do it every year.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    They don’t have to show the games live.

  • C-Note

    no, YES should show games when the big ballcub in the Bronx has a day off or when they can show one (like trenton’s 1:05 start) today-when Yanks are playing at night… especially when an A1 prospect is pitching- instead of the riveting programing they have on right now(the 1,000th time they’ve shown the Guidry 18 strike out game)

  • Rich

    Joba can be in the Yankees’ rotation by next April. To me, he is as untouchable as Hughes is.

    Can the ratings of the insufferable Michael Kay doing “Center Stage,” or some Yankeeography, both in reruns for the tenth time in a week, really be better than they are for live minor league baseball?

    The programming on YES, apart from live Yankee games, is horrible.

  • Miles Roche

    Where can i hear the Trenton games, anybody?

  • Miles Roche

    good job, Joseph P. Which channel?

  • Joseph P.

    I actually listened to the game through’s Gameday Audio. I signed up for in April so I could watch Hughes pitch. That lasted all of three starts. I didn’t think they’d automatically re-bill me after April, but they did. So I have the service.

    The game was on ESPN 1040, which I assume is in Reading, since the commentator was clearly on the Phillies side. There was no audio link for Trenton, making me think that they don’t broadcast the games there (they usually grab a feed from the home team if they can).

  • Mike A.

    What I noticed in the second inning: Joba was behind nearly every batter. But he used his off-speed and breaking stuff when down in the count for strikes.

    That’s very good to hear. Often times guys in this stage of their development will just reach back and try to throw harder when falling behind in the count. Being confident enough in your breaking stuff, and actually having the ability to the threw them for strikes when behind in the count is what separates the best from the rest, minors or big leagues.

  • Chofo

    I love Joba´s numbers, specially the K´s, but at some point, he´ll have to learn how to be more economic with his pitches and last longer in games, even if that means fewer K´s.

  • Rich
  • C-Note

    when you consider how mediocre Phil Hughes’s first 3 or so starts were in trenton in 2006 ya gotta be really pumped about JOBA and even Kennedy’s first few outtings at AA

  • Travis G.

    the cost of actually airing games might be too high for YES to think they’d make back the costs: camera crew, professional cameras, producer, director, the ‘truck,’ rights, commentators, etc. that’s going all out though. i wouldn’t mind a simple two camera set-up (behind pitcher, behind hp) and they pipe in the radio feed. it’s gotta be better than the 5 millionth yogi berra centerstage.

    90% of YES is reruns, this would be a great and deserved change. maybe i’ll write a letter to YES (alotta good that’ll do).

  • Joseph M

    So many topics, let me add my two cents as briefly as possible. John Sterling while having a great voice makes a Yankee radio game a must to avoid. John doesn’t broadcast the Yankee game he broadcasts what he thinks about the Yankee game. Good luck tuning in and getting the score, you may be waiting an entire half inning. John’s condecending tone when explaining baseball is foder for a Saturday Night Live bit. “The most important pitch in baseball is strike one”, thanks John for sharing that wise observation. How about this one (which he seems to have dropped this year), ” a fast strike”, do the game drop the John-speak. How about those contrived nicknames or that phoney laugh, I can’t stand him.

    I hate to say it but the best part of YES outside of the Yankee games is Mike and the Mad Dog. I don’t see much hope for improvement unless they develop their own sports talk show product.

    I guess minor league baseball is something most folks have to go to see to enjoy but the rating are not good and have never been good. In the early 80’s during the baseball strike of 81 WABC and Channel 11 tried minor league broadcasts with very little in the way of rating, both stopped in mid-srike due to lack of response.