Moose whines more than we do at our host

I am a cursed man
Yanks 34th pick, number 1049 overall

Mike Mussina has been with the Yankees for nearly seven years now. He’s seen 619 of Joe Torre’s 2000 wins and 1027 of Joe’s games. Yet, for some reason – some reason I can’t fathom – Mike Mussina was pissed off after getting taken out of a 1-0 game in the 7th inning.

Now, why was Mike Mussina whining? Because he had thrown just 79 pitches and wanted to throw more. He wanted to, as he told Tyler Kepner of The Times, throw 110 pitches. And that’s just ridiculous.

Mussina, the Stanford-educated crossword-puzzle aficionado, is a smart guy. He probably knows that Joe Torre has something of a quick hook (as Joe noted earlier this afternoon). We’ve certainly been critical of Torre’s bullpen tendencies in the past, but last night, he made the right move. Mussina should know that.

Moose had just come off of a few bad outings in a row. Entering last night’s game, he was 2-3 with an ERA north of 6.20. But in six innings, he looked great last night. He had given up two hits while walking no one and striking out four. The seventh started out promisingly enough; he gave up a slow roller to Jim Thome.

But – and this is a big but – with the Thome shift on, Robinson Cano was in no position to field the ball, and Miguel Cairo, hustling all the way, couldn’t range from the second base bag to the second base hole and throw out Thome. It should have been an out, and that look crept onto Mike Mussina’s face. It was that “I’m out of my comfort zone” look. It’s the same look I’ve written about in the past.

I knew what would happen next. Mussina doesn’t get an out; he stops making the pitches. The next batter – Paul Konerko – rocketed a single off of Mussina. And that was the end of him for the night. His final line read 6 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 4 K. He didn’t get the win, but that’s no big deal as the Yanks crushed the Sox bullpen later on.

After the game, Mussina grumbled like a cranky old man. “Why am I upset? Because I threw 80 pitches and I think I could have thrown 110. It was the first mess I had. I just felt like I could have kept going,” he said. “I understand his thinking, but seventh inning with 79 pitches? I know I haven’t been pitching that well, but oh well. Gotta earn it back, I guess. Gotta earn it back.”

That’s right, Moose. You have to earn it back. You have to suck it up when a squibbler goes for a base hit, and you have to take your lumps like the rest of the team.

And here is just one more nail in the Mike Mussina coffin. Enough already, Mike. Just pitch. You have almost as many excuses as this guy, and we don’t like him too much.

I am a cursed man
Yanks 34th pick, number 1049 overall
  • Jeteupthemiddle

    I fail to see any problem in what Mussina said.

    He wanted to stay in and understands why he was removed. What is the problem?

    Especially when it was the bottom of the lineup coming, and we have all watched Mike Myers against lefties this season. It couldn’t have been fun to sit on the bench and watch someone else give up your lead when you know you could have gone further into the game.

    I think people…especially the media and those who take the media too seriously…are overly sensitive to Mussina’s post game comments in nearly every situation.

    This is not to say that I disagree with the move, I just have zero problem with what Mussina said….and on several occasions I agree with him.

  • Ben

    My problem, which I didn’t state explicitly here, is that Mussina feels the need to bring this up to the press. It sounds more like whining than it does a cry for competitiveness. He’s mumbling about not pitching enough instead of saying that he’s glad the Yanks won and would have liked to go more. There’s a positive and a negative way to say this. Mussina chose the negative way.

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    Mussina was specifically asked “What is your problem?”

    Perhaps there is a positive and a negative way to ask things. Peter Abraham chose the negative way.

  • Ben

    Moose was asked, “Why are you so upset?” Instead of saying that he wasn’t upset, he discussed that he was upset because he felt he was pulled too soon. Seems negative to me. Maybe Abraham’s question was designed to egg him out, but Moose fell for it.

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    Ok, I just listened to the exchange on Abraham’s blog, and I have to say, that I still don’t care about what he said.

    He was laughing at one point with a reference to the 10 runs.

    I think what truly bothered him was that he didn’t know that coming out was even a possibility.

    “I thought it was going to be Guidry. I turn around and it was Joe signaling to the bullpen. I didn’t even know anyone was UP in the bullpen.”

    He knows he pitched well and he was disappointed he couldn’t continue.

  • John

    It’s true. If you’d given Moose the 4 runs that Wang had to work with most of the game, Moose could have pitched into the 8th.
    He seemed on for the first time since he came back from the DL.

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  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    In his previous start the Yanks gave him a 2 run lead iirc and he gifted it back the very next time on the mound by giving up two very hard hit homers. That’s why yer out Moose. And Konerko’s hit was went off the wall and was a double for virtually anyone else in baseball, even Posada.

    The Thome hit was the first baseman’s ball, btw, and would’ve been an easy toss to Moose covering, but Phelp’s pulled up, completely unaware of who was up and that the shift was on and Robby was in short rf. Given how pissed Moose gets when a fielder effs up behind him, that was another reason to pull him.

    I was at the game btw with the wife, and when Thome got on, after I’d finished the obscenities against Phelps, I turned to her and said, watch, Thome will score.