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College World Series participants set ... almost
Down on the Farm

Joba’s heading North:

The second time around proved to be twice as nice for Ian Kennedy, the latest ad dition to a powerhouse Thunder pitching staff that will roll out the welcome mat for yet another top Yankees prospect, right-hander Joba Chamberlain, this week.

The 21-year-old Chamberlain, chosen 20 spots (41st overall) after Kennedy in the supplemental phase of last year’s draft, is 4-0 with a 2.03 ERA in seven starts at Class-A Tampa. He is scheduled to arrive in Trenton today.

Okay, so this is how I see it playing out: Alan Horne, Brett Smith, Jeff Marquez, Ian Kennedy and Joba man the Double-A rotation. Jason Jones gets promoted to Scranton (he spent all of last year with Trenton), where he joins Mighty Matt, Run-Elvis, Chase Wright and The Ghost of Kei Igawa in the rotation, with Steven Jackson working out of the bullpen.

It’s frickin’ amazing that the Yanks could have so many injuries and call-up so many guys, yet still have this kind of pitching depth in the UPPER minors.

College World Series participants set ... almost
Down on the Farm
  • Eric Schultz

    That’s an amazing AA rotation.

  • Ben

    Indeed it is. And just imagine a year or two when the Major League rotation is Wang-Hughes-Kennedy-Chamberlain…

  • zack

    Not to mention Betences…Having Hughes come back to this team in August will be like trading for a top starter as your #5. Do you think he’ll be good for a full season next year though, given the lack of innings this one?

  • KAnst

    I have heard that Brett Smith and Alan Horne were promoted to AAA…I will try to find the source

  • Ben

    Do you think he’ll be good for a full season next year though, given the lack of innings this one?

    The RAB opinion right now is that Hughes will have to throw a limited number of innings at winter ball this year depending upon when he comes back to the Yanks’ rotation. He’ll have to put in the work somehow.

  • Rich

    Within two years, Melancon, Whelan, Cox, and possibly Sanchez (depending on whether they leave him in the rotation or make him a reliever) could be filling out the pen as Mariano retires, which is a good way to begin to replace him, since no one man will likely be able to fill his shoes.

  • Jake T

    I understand he isn’t a top prospect, but 26ks in 16 innings is just dominant. When is Edwar looking at a callup, i dont see what else he can prove. Especially with guys like Vizcaino up there

  • Marc

    With all the banter in Yankee town these days and the interest of looking for kennedy and Joba’s starts this minor league season, I, (gasp!), kind of have neglected young Mr. Franchise. Oh, and, out of sheer curiosity can someone please spell out dellin’s name phoenetically, i have no idea how his last name is pronounced (unless ofcourse it is pronounced how it is spelled). Thanks!

  • Mike A.

    I’m with you 100%, you look around at all the young arms the Yanks have in the minors – plus the poential haul form the draft, and then it’s like “Oh yeah, they have Phil Hughes too!”

    Dellin – just like it’s spelled, dell-in (like the computer, then just “in”)

    Betances – baton-cis (baton like what a cheerleader uses, and “cis” like at the end of francis).


    I’m not good at phoenetics, but I try.

  • Travis G.

    two questions
    1. what about ohlendorf in the SWB staff? what’s gonna happen to him?
    2. how many milb starts will Hughes get before hitting the ML again? assuming he glides through his rehab starts, when do you see him back in the Bronx?

    Clippard got squeezed on at least 2 clear strike threes yesterday. he walked both guys, and they went on to score.

  • Marc

    thanks Mike! everynce in a while i try and sound “intelligible” with some friends or forward what i read about these kids but dellin and his last name i was like hmm good thing the rest of these guys havent even heard of him.. by the way .. theres a clip of him on youtube or goog video… holy crap the wing span he has. i think his arms may be longer than his legs. like whoa. Also, anyword on Dellin or or Mcallister.. last i ehard dellin got roughed up in ExST. But have not read anything on Zack.

  • Mike A.

    The best video clip I can find of Betances is here. Scroll down to his name (#254) and click on the little 350K video link. Other than that, all I’ve seen is a tiny little 20 second clip on YouTube.

    He’s been good for the most part in EST, he got destroyed a couple starts ago – like 2 IP, 7 H, 6 ER, 3 HR destroyed – but otherwise he’s been fine. I’m not sure about McAllister, he seems to have been up and down. The Yanks pretty much remade the kid, as he’s learning a couple of new pitches and a new delivery. I’m not sure why they did that, but I’m sure they have their reasons.

  • Marc

    Is that video before he worked with Nardi? seems he comes straight over the top with hsi fastball but drop his angle on his curve.. the kid is a giant though.. I can’t imagine facing him is any fun.

  • Mike A.

    That’s pre-Nardi, before he was even drafted. That was taken at some Aflac showcase. The catcher he talks to at the beginning of the clip is Max Sapp, the Astros first rounder last year.

    That kid is a giant though, imagine having to facing Brackman-Hughes-Betances on back-to-back-to-back days. Not fair man, not fair.

  • Joseph P.

    And then facing Chamberlain and Kennedy on the next two.

  • steve

    jeeeeez dellin is a beast on the mound ! in a few years when he puts on some weight look out. they yankees could have 2 near seven footers in their rotation one day. thats absurd.

    they showed his stats in HS on that aflac video … 100 K’s in 40 innings. i just started laughing, unbelievable.

  • Mike R.

    A lineup with both Brackman and Betances, if they both reach their full potential, would be incredible. That rotation could make the playoffs in the NBA.

    My question for Mike A. is…If the Yankees sign Johan Santana as a Free agent in the offseason of 2008 What do you think the 2010 rotation looks like?

  • Mike A.

    Sorry Travis, your questions got lost in the mix…I have no idea what’s going to happen with Ohlendorf. That’s something they’ll have to deal with when he comes back. Funny how what was described as a minor back problem leads to 4 weeks on the DL. Hughes won;t need more than 3 milb rehab starts, maybe 4 if they decide to play it safe with him.

    Mike R. – if they sign Johan (which it doesn;t look like they’ll need too), it’ll probably be Johan-Hughes-Joba-Wang-Kennedy.

  • Marc

    Hey Mike,
    Just watching Mike and Dog and they had Stick on:
    1. He loves Shelley Duncan
    2. Told Cash that Phil was ready to help last year and should have broke camp this year with the big league team.
    3. Will entertain offers to GM again. And surprisingly enough he likes T-Clip and thinks before the season is over, if they keep running him out there, he can be an average 4-5 mlb starter.

    I don’t know about you but I love Stick. Unlike Cash, the fact that he is a legitimate talent evaluator is just a huge plus for a MLB team. I always felt that the GM position for a team with the resources the Yankees have should be split amongst two people. A roster talent evaluator and a man to handle the business aspects and the press. All this talk about the Franchise has me missin checkin his game logs. Oh well, for now i’ll stick with brett smith, kennedy and Joba.

  • Jake T

    sorry to ask again, but i really am wondering about Ramirez?

  • Mike A.

    Sorry Jake. Edwar’s looking at a callup really any day now, all it takes is a visit from the DFA fairy for Vizcaino and Villone, and he’d be up. He’s got a redonkulous changeup, and would induce far fewer heart attacks in the 8th inning than Farnsworth.

    And to think they picked this guy up off the Indy ball scrap heap…

  • Marcus

    Hey Mike, speaking of Edwar, have you already done a profile of him? I was trying to find some information about him through the intertubes, but couldn’t find much in the way of biography. He looks like he was bit by the injury bug quite a bit in his early 20’s, which must have scared other teams away.

  • NYFan50

    I hate to be a downer but all those plans for a Hughes-Kennedy-Joba-Brackman-Betances rotation or whatever combination are just a bit premature. As excited as we may be for all those guys outside of Hughes, we should be on Cloud 9 if even *2* of them are as good as we hope and make it to the bigs (WITH US) healthy and consistent.

    Despite this rebuilt farm system and emphasis on young talent, the Yankees are going to trade probably at every deadline, and some of these guys may disappear. I think some of us need to re-examine our expectations. I’m probably one of them…

  • Mike Plugh

    I agree in part with NYFan50.

    It’s premature to project that Joba/Kennedy/Betances will be factors at the Major League level, and it’s way premature to project that Brackman will be a factor even at the higher level of the minor leagues. Where we diverge is at the notion that the Yankees will trade any of these guys. That will never happen. Pitching is titanium plated diamond in baseball nowadays, especially with mid-level free agents going for $15 million. The Carl Pavano fiasco is all we need to conjure up to be reminded of how inflated the market it. If you can develop your pitchers, pay them the going minor league rate with a hefty signing bonus, you have low rent housing on Park Avenue. Cashman will hold those cards close to the vest. The only way any of them get dealt is for someone like Santana. Even then, his price tag will be around $30 million per season probably. Why spend that money?

    I said it was too early to project on Joba/Kennedy/Betances, but I actually mean it’s too early to project them as 100%, written in stone members of the Yankees rotation. Especially as a trio. I do think we can project the ceiling for these guys, and the most likely scenario. Mike, if you had to give your early projections about these pitchers, based on a scale of one to ten, where would you put them?

  • Marc

    Well i’m not Mike, but, the way i see it:

    Joba: 7 1/2 out of 10

    Joba’s a big kid, power arm, good command. But there are health issues, weight issues, and secondary pitch issues. From wat I’ve read he dominates due to good command of a power fastball and facing less experienced hitters. Does Joba have an out pitch? Not one I’ve read is good enough to be one versus advanced hitters yet.

    Kennedy: 6 out of 10

    Ian’s a gamer. I read an article where Nardi commented on his advancd ability to read the hitters. I believe that to be a huge asset but the same time its that fact that scares me because the further advanced the hitter the harder it will be to read their tendencies. You’re looking at an arenal similar to desalvo and Clip but suppoesdly with better command. He’s beena flybll machine as a minor leaguer so far and dominated a league he’s too experienced for. I’m rooting for but am skeptical of kennedy. What’s his ceiling? My bet he’s a bit more Paul Byrd than Greg Maddux.

    Dellin: 8 1/2 out of 10

    Raw. Huge. Wing span of an F*in terradactyl. He’s just so raw right now how can you even predict. Guys his size scare the piss out of me because its just so tough for them to repeat their mechanics and repeat a delivery. Especially with his wirey frame and lanky arms it just seems like he may have an even more difficult time. But he throws from left field foul pole and really stays over the top. He’s a project, and i really believe if he does become a stud tit will take him longer than other guys, maybe no shot at the big leagues to 2011? His size is the determining factor, how many guys his size succeed and how many fo them succeed ealy in their careers? hopefully he’s different and i’m wrong.

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  • Mike A.

    It would be foolish and naive to think that all of these guys will pan out. However, that’s where the depth comes into the play: the more guys you have, the more likely it is you’ll land a stud. If any 1 of Joba-Kennedy-Horne-Brackman-Betances and the long forgotten Chris Garcia develop as expected, that’s an ace to join Hughes (who has shown flashes in the bigs of being everything we expect) and Wang.

    And on top of that they have Ohlendorf-Jackson-Marquez-Sanchez-Clippard, which should yield at least 1, but probably 2 decent ML arms. Sanchez could have a major inpact if he moves to the pen.

    As for as those projections Mike, if it all falls right Joba would be an 8.5 (a John Lackey/Mark Buerhle-esque career), Kennedy a 6.5 (Suppan, I guess) and Betances a 9 (think big, like Peavy or Bonderman-type impact). That’s just off the top of my head, if I think about it some more I’m sure I can work up some better comps and give more accurate ratings.

  • NYFan50

    Yep, that’s all I was saying. Yanks have a ton of depth right now, and it’ll be great if 2 of those guys pan out to be really good pitchers for the Yankees. Just don’t pencil in a rotation just yet. :)

  • Malcard89

    Its definitely very tough to evaluate such a large group that have so many different strengths and weaknesses. one conflict i see coming up no matter how many of these guys work out in the end is our current contractual commitments. how can they get value out of guys like igawa and mussina and at the same time bring up all these studs? cashman has done good rebuilding the farm, but he made grave mistakes in not giving the minor leaguers room to move up with igawa and mussina resigned to big money deals with little return. even clippard will get bumped soon enough either because hughes returns or igawa has to work for his paycheck. i dont find that fair especially since he’s capable of putting up league average numbers in the MLB. i hope cashman has a plan to fix the overcrowded and expensive MLB rotation in the near future and at the same time bring up the kids.

  • KAnst

    Malcard thats exactly why I liked Cashmans moves. Other then Igawa there were very few long term contracts handed out last offseason. After this year Pavano is off the books. So we start 2008 with a rotation of Wang, Mussina, Pettite, Hughes, Clippard with Igawa as a long man is my best guess. Then in 2009 Mussina and Pettite are gone and we can fill there spot with two of Alan Horne, Ian Kennedy, Joba Chamberlain, Jeff Marquez, George Kontos, and maybe a free agent. Then in 2010 we have guys like Betances and this years draft picks getting near the upper levels. We dont need all of the prospects to pan out. If something like 10% hit their ceilings with another 10% becoming quality major leaguers we have enough pitchers to fill out a rotation and have trade bait to fill any other holes that should develop.