• http://mvn.com/milb-yankees EJ

    Don’t take Russell, please :)

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    What’s your preference, EJ?

  • Marc

    Love the blog, followed you since about 18 months ago at IGWT… question for you… I’ve only watched clip pitch and have yet to see kennedy pitch but whats the difference between the two:

    1. 88-91 mph fastball. check
    2. good command of average off- speed pitches and fastball. check
    3. small frame pitchers. check
    4. high k/bb numbers. check
    5. low groundball/flyball ratio. check.

    But, you like kennedy and more or less despise Clip. Whats the deal? What am i missing? you call kennedy “mini moose” but he seems more like “less experienced, yet older version of Clip” at this point, no? I mean, if kennedy was in the 91-93 range like he was as a sophomore than i could understand but all i;ve read is hes sittin still at 88-91 and appears to get a lot of outs off his off speed (hence the ridiculous flyball tendencies) as oppose to his fastball. I’d like to get excited for Kennedy but he just seems like every other Yankee pitching prospect aside from dellin and Joba. high eighties-low nineties heat with good command and some average ml ability to throw off speed pitches for strikes to young hitters. Keep me posted man, i’d like to hear what you hafta say. Love the blog, awesome job.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Thanks for the kind words Marc, I appreciate it.

    All 3 of Kennedy’s secondary pitches (change, curve, 2-seamer – I wonder if Nardi Contreras scrapped his slider like he did with Hughes) are better than any of Clippard’s secondary offerings, somewhat significantly in the changeup department.

    Kennedy’s just alot more polished too, he has a better understanding of what it takes to be a pitcher. You won’t catch him walking the pitcher in interleague games anytime soon.

    Otherwise though, they’re very similar like you said: undersized (Clip is 6’4″, but he’s rail thin), great K/BB, eh GB/FB. It’s also worth noting that both are extremely durable. Even though Kennedy’s velocity was down last year, he didn’t miss a start, and actually threw a 10 inning complete game last spring while at USC.

  • Marc

    Thanks for the info Mike. More or less all i know of Kennedy is what i’ve read from you. For me, if Clip has any rudimentary flaw is his lack of a fastball with any run, either 2-seam or cut. And as for polish, show me Kennedy on Sunday Night Baseball – Mets/Yanks – and then show me his polish. Clip dominated a tougher league at a younger age than kennedy is now. Polish seems hard to define but Clip seems almost 6-12 months further along than Kennedy and maybe his ability is less, but is it that much less? Thanks again Mike. For whatever reason, I trust your imput.

  • http://www.replacementlevel.com Fabian

    Weird that Baseball America would rank Clippard as having the best change in the system when Kennedy’s is so much better, isn’t it, Mike?