Sorry, Ken, no deal for Hughes

Answering Brian Hoch's mail
The highest compliment ever paid to Mientkiewicz

We understand that FoxSports’s Ken Rosenthal has a job to do. He’s the senior baseball writer, and has to come up with interesting and/or controversial reports almost daily. At this time of year, things pick up, and he’s got a lot more to talk about.

Unfortunately, he’s talking jibberish. At least to me.

In his latest column, he pleads with the Yankees and Rangers to get a deal for Teixeira done. He does note a problem: Texas wants Hughes, and the Yanks won’t deal him. He even goes so far as to suggest that the Yanks get a reliever and possibly a low prospect in a deal for Hughes.

A deal for Hughes?

Sorry, Ken, but you’re batshit insane. Why in the world would the Yankees deal Phil Hughes? He’s 20 years old (21 this weekend). He’s under the team’s control for the next six years. He was the No. 1 pitching prospect in the game headed into this season. In the minors, he posted numbers that put him in elite company. He’s one of two young pitchers in an old, old rotation.

And then Rosenthal adds a gem: “One rival GM projects Hughes as only a No. 3 or No. 4 starter, saying, ‘I’m not as high as the hype.'” How this GM has a job is beyond all human comprehension. He may not be the next Roger Clemens, but he’s sure as hell not going to be the next Cory Lidle.

Rosenthal then completely destroys his credibility with this paragraph:

The Rangers, on the other hand, could make a quality deal if they landed, say, [Melky] Cabrera, plus [Chase] Wright or [Joba] Chamberlain, plus another decent pitching prospect.

First off, not even Jon Daniels is stupid enough to trade Teixeira for Chase Wright and Melky. Second, is Rosenthal seriously suggesting that Chase and Joba are on the same plane? It’s not even freakin’ close. Joba is absolutely dominating — like he was supposed to. Wright dominated for two games, and hasn’t really pitched well since. One is a real prospect who could be in the Yankees rotation as early as Opening Day 2008. The other’s ceiling is a middle reliever.

Yes, it would be nice to land Teixeira (even though Mike thinks he’s a headcase). However, he just wouldn’t be worth the expense of a top-flight pitching prospect. Hughes was the No. 1 pitching prospect in the game last year, and Joba will be top 3 this year. Yes, those are attractive bargaining chips, but they’re far too valuable. There are many more economical options the Yanks should consider for first base: Scott Hatteberg, Russ Branyan, Mike Lamb. No, they’re not going to give you Teixeira production. But with this lineup — and the possible return of a healthy Giambi — do they really need it that badly?

Answering Brian Hoch's mail
The highest compliment ever paid to Mientkiewicz
  • Rick

    It is an amazing how people just don’t want to believe how good Hughes can be.

    Hughes has great stuff, and it is amazing how people like to nip pick on this guy. Plus, that sounds rediculous interms of the rumors.

    No.3 or 4 starter, give me a mother fuckin break. Fuckin Dick heads.

  • Rick

    Where’s Peter Gammons when you need him.

  • Rick

    I betcha this is the same GM who say these things towards Hughes probably thinks that Tim Lincecum is a future middle reliever.

  • John

    Incredible that despite the Yankees struggles in the last few years people still don’t understanding that it’s about starting pitching and starting pitching and starting pitching.
    This Yankee team has enough offense barring injuries. There’s not enough pitching and we should only be looking to improve our pitching.

  • ReverseCarpetbagger

    Let Bernie Williams play first before dealing away Joba the Hut.

  • Ricochet

    He may not be the next Roger Clemens but how many #1 starters over the years come anywhere close to what Clemens is? Not many even the ones that can match him it didn’t last.

    Plus the Yankees think Hughes is beyond special and that mentally that he’s superior than most at the age of 20 which makes them believe that they have someone who has the potential to be one of the best pitchers of all time. Sure he will need to live up that potential but they think unlike most prospects that have high to unlimited potential is that he can reach it because more than just a great arm he’s great mind who’s already mature way beyond his years and the only thing they are unsure of is will he have the work ethic of someone like Clemens who is above and beyond the norm.

    Hughes won’t get traded for anyone they Yanks will live and die with him.

    As for Teixeira, yeah I think the Yanks would love to have him but I don’t think they will trade Hughes, Tabata or Chamberlin to get him.

  • Joseph P.

    ReverseCarpetbagger, that may be the best comment we’ve ever gotten.

  • jon

    God, I normally like Rosenthal but this article is just so wrong it’s appalling. Never mind all the stuff that you already pointed out (Joba OR Wright, as if they are interchangeable, etc.) – how about that the Red Sox (Lester, Pedroia, Papelbon, Youkilis) are better at “developing and maintaining homegrown players”?

    Um, I’ll even exclude Jeter, Rivera, and Posada, since maybe he’s implying recent players only.

    How is Lester more proven than Hughes? Because he had 70 or whatever mediocre innings?
    How are Pedroia/Papelbon/Youkilis more proven/better than Cano/Wang/Cabrera?

  • C-Note

    Does the GM who said Hughes was a 3 or 4 actually watch baseball? did he see what Phil was doing before the Hammy gave way????

    And WTF is the deal with these so called “national baseball writer experts” that the Yanks have to deal all this young talent to get a first baseman? With A-Rod , Jeter, Matsui, Abreu, Cano, Jorge they have 6 superior bats at six positions- Melky will hit enough in center and they’ll get something out of Damon— an upgrade at first would be great but they don’t need a star- they are scoring enough runs

    This shit pisses me off- thats why I was so depressed the night Phil blew his hammy out- he was in the processes of begining to shut these guys up once and for all

    Texas wants Hughes & Joba- WTF! Philly last summer wanted Hughes & Tabata for Abreu… the last time I checked they got a helluva a lot less

    Cash doesn’t make the best signings in the world but his in season trades are never that subnormal as giving up Joba & others for a rental

    Getting Phil back in August will be like trading for a pitcher without giving up anything

  • Ben

    Another piece of this story: Brian Cashman has repeatedly said he won’t pay twice to acquire Mark Teixeira. The Yanks know that Teixeira is a free agent at the time when Jason Giambi’s contract is up. They aren’t going to pay out of their noses to acquire him now if they have to dole out a $100 million contract to him in 15 months. It just won’t happen.

  • C-Note

    and unless Giambi is 100% he can stay at home-His playing hurt to the tune of a sub .200 batting avg and 4 HR for the month of may was killing this line up as much as anyone

  • ShawnT

    Its amazing the same writers who had critized the yanks for dealing away they’re prospects, are now saying we should deal away are best prospects for a guy we don’t need, last time i checked we were second in the majors in runs scored, but we need Mark Teixera

  • Dave

    If you consider that you build a team up the middle, Posada, Jeter, Cano and Melky are all home grown. Through in Staff ace (Wang) and Closer (Rivera) and maybe consider Pettite as home grown a and the Yankee staff is 2/5 self – on its way to 3/5 when Hughes comes back healthy. Who on the Boston starting staff was internally developed? No one right now.

    Plus, even if Hughes is only a #3 for the Yankees, that is a valuable commodity, worth more than a 1 1/2 Scott Boras rental that would cost close to 20 Million (not including lux taxes). Helton might make more sense. When you look at the price of a number 3 starter over the next three years, at least $30 million on the free agent market, Helton would seem like a bargain compared to a Teixeira plus finding another starter. (Assuming, as I have read that Colorado would cover roughly 30-33 million of Helton’s salary. Leaving Helton’s true cost similar to Texiera at $12 million per year)

    Plus, to keep Texiera, you are going to be paying probably over $18-$20 million per year once he hits free agency.

    OK, so Helton is 33, but Texiera will be 29 when he signs his big free agent conract, and 8 year contract (similiar to Soriano) will end it up at 37, so you would be committing big money for an older player either way at some point.

    Now, I am not saying they should trade for Helton, just that it would make more sense than Texiera for Hughes, or Joba for that matter…

  • RobinCT

    The “rival GM” was probably Bill Bavasi. Don’t sweat it, fellas.

  • Mike from CT (formerly of DC)

    “He may not be Roger Clemens.”

    Wow, that is really a stinging indictment. Hughes might not be the best pitcher of our generation and arguably one of the top 3 or 4 pitchers of all time. Really, is that what Kenny-Boy thinks Hughes has to be to be a success? What a dope.

  • Chofo

    We don´t need a clean-up hitter playing 1st base. We need a righthanded 1st baseman to hit between Matsui and Cano. That´s a number 7th in the lineup. You can get a very good 7th hitter with Clippard, Wright, Horne and others available, not touching Hughes, Joba or Kennedy.

    Now, if A-Rod opts out, that´s another story. But I still believe he´s getting a new contract from Cashman.

  • b/c

    Joba is great, don’t get me wrong, but top 3 in the minors is a big reach.

    Even assuming that Lincecum, Gallardo, and Bailey garduate this season, that still leaves.


  • KAnst

    I would love Texiera but if the price is Clippard, Horne and maybe another prospect but not for Hughes or Joba

  • Andrew

    We don’t consider Hughes a prospect anymore either. Kershaw is currently in A-ball, walking 4.8 per 9. Adam Miller is doing fine, but he’s not exactly blowing away the competition. Maybe because he’s in AAA that could give an edge over Joba.

    But Joba is in AA, 22 years old, and hits 98-99 when he wants to. If he continues to blow away the competition, he will be top 3 along with Miller and Buchholz, if they can keep it up too.

  • Rich

    Ken Rosenthal is one of the those moronic columnists who confuses offering insight with being provocative.

  • Rick

    It’s funny when the Yankees farm system was barren everyone whether it was news columist,some fans,radio host,anyone accociated with baseball would talk about how terrible the farm was and how he had nothing and when we had something we would deal it. Now that we have a top ten system everyone is trying to get us to trade these prospects saying prospects are crap-shoots and it’s “not the Yankee way”. Where built to win now with veteran starters not kids. And these same sports columist,fans,radio host that kept talking how bad our system was never bring up now in 2007 how good it is. It gets totally ignored in most cases.