• John

    Especially since Mo hasn’t pitched since Friday.

  • Ben

    Why didn’t Torre remove Procter after he cought the popped up bunt which knocked the wind out of him. Torre should have had Mariano warming up in the ninth. All I see is too much bad managing, obviously bad coaching, bad decision making at the GM level, and a lot of the team not executing. Something is rotten on River Ave!

  • Stuart

    really what is the purpose of posting… nothing changes.. they have a bullpen that relies on; kyle, proctor, vizciano, myers, and villone..

    do you believe that.. they have 2 candidates in the minors that may be able to pitch but they refuse to give them any chance..

    they have a 27 yr old slugger who they refuse to play not because they have a good option at 1st but because they have a 260 no power bunter at 1st .. really I do not blame Cairo he is a decent utility guy but the guy cannot hit a ball to a warning track on his best day..

    this is insanity………………………

    if britton, ramirez, and duncan stink fine they have tried internal solutions but you got to try………..

    trade farnsworth to detroit, todd jones is a joke………

  • C-Note

    Gotta love the cano bunt… if Thompson can’t pitch run for Jorge and seal a base WHY IS HE ON THE TEAM???????????????????

    this is the worst baseball I’ve seen from this team since the early 90’s, & those teams didn’t have a 200 million payroll

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    C-Note: I’m of two minds on that move. One, if you’re gonna bunt with Cano, then you want the fast runner in. But, two, Wil Nieves is really bad.

  • C-Note

    yea, but a run at that point is suppose win the game & Jorge’s spot shouldn’t come up again– or let Cano try to get a hit, but to bunt with the slowest non-Giambi player on the team didn’t make sense- that was also my point, there is no one in the system they can have on the bench to flat out steal a base? Always think to what Boston did to us in the 04′ playoffs- with all these high paid stars on the team there is no way to carry a guy on the bench who can flat out Run? And if Thompson can’t do that what is he doing here?

    Also, what do they do in Florida for feb & March? who on this team other than Jeter can put down a decent bunt? Do they practice bunts… ever?

  • NYFan50

    This is the same, tired story. The Yankee all-or-nothing offense picks nothing today, and Torre mismanages the pen. Again. All the while Britton and Edwar rot in AAA.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    NYFan50 Jun 27th, 2007 at 12:21 am

    This is the same, tired story. The Yankee all-or-nothing offense picks nothing today, and Torre mismanages the pen. Again. All the while Britton and Edwar rot in AAA.


  • Bart

    The probelm is and always has been Joe Torre’s in game management. It is not planned for a Cabrera, Cano, Edwar, or Britton to succeed. Even a Jeter or a Hughes has to be a forced situation. If Cashman promotes them — something else has to occur before Torre HAS to use them. Ming and Cano were forced situations – Melky last year and again this year are forced situations.

    Bunting with the wrong player at the wrong time, in the wrong setup – often Jorge for all his grit can’t score from second — is twice stupid – “brain cramp” — how many times in 10 years have we seen that and gone” Oh, nooo” — yet it recurs.

    Not hitting for Cairo when a Deep fly would have platted a run is stupid. Playing Cairo is stupid. His attributes don’t suggest he should play over Philips — his lifetime stats do not suggest h should play regularly – so WHY- poor guy has to break a leg to create a focrced situation. Only when the ROOKIE ssees that he can’t be pulled from the lineup can he relax and play. See experience with Jeter, Cano, Cabrera, Wang — I think the evidence is there and that is Joe’s blind spot.

    When a team is scuffling and nothing is quite as “dependable” as a manager would like – managing one game at a time is the only way to break out
    — 2 innings or so in the space of nine days is managing for the season — we don’t have season yet
    — we have Mariano in a “walk year” another example of brain cramp is not using Mo in the key situations — establish a pattern of success that the other guys can follow would help greatly. Is there fear there by St. Joe — afraid if Mo can’t do it all is really lost?

    As much as Joe Torre means to the yankees and to Ney York – he is a product of our streets — he is a detriment due to game decison making — in past years this has not been detrimental to the season – only the playoffs – we lost to Boston BECAUSE of his misue of Rivera in the first 3 games – now it is detrimental to this season.

    I am now in the camp that Joe must go now — and as much as I love Don Mattingly – I’d go with Joe Girardi — if he saves the season he can be manager for life — if he can’t, evaluate his contribution and move into the future —

    Joe must go for three resons — his game management loses winnable games – we don’t have any to spare. He will be gone this year – we need to get Girardi estbalished and evaluated this year — if dire times bring out the best in leaders we have the righ times to test him, evaluate, and set the stage for 2008; and most importantly firing Joe makes the statement that this level of play from this team at this payroll is UNACCEPTABLE – and what Joe has allowed as a “contributution” from each of the failed players and failed situation covered by all the plattitudes and aphorisms is UNACCEPTABLE.

  • brxbomrs

    Ben, great observations on Torre – the epitome of insanity – doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

    I don’t like Torre, but in all fairness the journeyman pen, zero bench and fading stars don’t give the good doctor alot to work with. Still, Torre managed us to that loss nicely last night.


    The Cano bunt thing was especially galling, not just b\c he can’t bunt, not just b\c Dr. Torre didn’t lift Posada but they had just walked Posada on 5? pitches.

    Someone needed to call over Cano and tell him to wait for his pitch (although this is contrary to the great analysis on Cano here) – its called situational bb.

    The frustrating thing is they walked Melk right after Cano made the awful bunt.

    I love Cano and Melk, I think though it is incredibly obvious that Kevin Long has no value to them and neither does a manager who only gives rookies a shot when there is no other possible option and expects every player to be Paul O’Neill or Bernie in their prime – need to change that ASAP.

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  • C-Note

    I couldn’t agree more with BART

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