We won’t really rock you

The Kyle Konundrum
The Yanks have a lot of good young pitchers...like a whole lot

Today, as I enjoyed the nice weather from the upper deck at Yankee Stadium, I watched what could be the low point of this season. After a disastrous 1-7 road trip, the Yanks came home to win on Friday but were one-hit today by Chad Gaudin.

The one hit was a groundball single up the middle by Johnny Damon. It wasn’t a pretty display, and there is nothing new to say about this game. We know Mike Myers is ineffective; we know that Kei Igawa gives up home runs like it’s nobody’s business.

But while the Yankees struggle, it was good to hear that the Yankee scoreboard operators still have hope. In the bottom of the 8th with one out, the Yanks mounted their own “rally” of the game. This “rally” game with one out when Rich Harden, rehabbing his arm by coming out of the bullpen, walked Andy Phillips and Johnny Damon.

As Derek Jeter walked to the plate, the A’s had a short pow-wow on the mound. The scoreboard operator played the ever-popular Queen song “We Will Rock You.” I can’t help but chuckle at that display. The Yankees aren’t rockin’ anyone these days. Their one hit barely made it out of the infield, and up to that point, that had hit just five balls out of the infield.

The Yankees offense: pathetic. The Yankees scoreboard operators: ironically funny.

The Kyle Konundrum
The Yanks have a lot of good young pitchers...like a whole lot
  • Stuart

    our lefty studs really broke out with a right hander on the mound;; abreu, damon(oops he had a hit), matsui,and the stud cano just keep on pounding the ball.

    ABreu has 35 RBI’s and 4 HR’s and Cano0 has about the same.. Cano’s OBP is like 320…They suck, that is not too harsh of an assesment.

    Our lights out pen seems to be back after 1 decent game; myers seems to have figured out the lefties and Proctor seems to really be going well.

    really do we need villone, myers, and fansworth on this team. Myers and villone are 38 and 37 and have no future and cannot get lefties out but what the heck what do I know……… Farnsworth is just a jerk, innefective, and cannot pitch more then 1 inning and back to back days and effectively almost never…

  • http://eephus.blogspot.com Emma

    Oh, I don’t know, there’s a lot of competition for “low point of this season.” You can make an argument for this game because it maintained a high level of suckiness for a long time, sure, but I thought it lacked a real gut-wrench moment, an at-bat or inning when it was clearly a major notch of awfulness above the competition.

    Personally, I lean towards the Scott Proctor walking-in-a-run game of a few days ago, but I’m willing to listen to other arguments…

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Plusses today — Beckett took the loss, blowing a 4 run lead and giving up 10 hits, including a homer, in 5 ip. Ellesbury, the Sawx newly minted superstar, in the delusional minds of Sawx nation, didn’t get the ball out of the infield in 4 atbats, Horne and Chase pitched very well indeed.

    Oh, did the Yanks play today?

  • Joseph M

    The team needs a major shake up, the talent on the field is not this bad. The Yanks needs focus and players not doing their jobs need to be dealt, sent down or released. Myers seems like a nice guy, but he should be dealt or DFA. Nieves should be sent down or released. Igawa should be sent down (How could Cashman have spent $46 million on this guy). Duncan shoould be brought up, Britton should be brought up. Fransworth should be shopped and the best offer gets him. Matsui should be shopped, he can still be a productive player but I think he’s peaked. Torre should be fired, hire Girardi, if he doesn’t want it go to Pena.

    Sake it up strike fast make some big moves before the All Star break, hard nosed players accept no substitutes.