Box seats suck! Box seats suck!

Perfect night for the Yanks farm system
Live fron the Thunder press box

Okay, so way back in the Oakland series, the assholes security at Yankee Stadium had barred the chanting of “Box seats suck!” For what reason, we do not know. It was probably some tightwad complaining.

Anyway, reports are in (thanks, MG) that the chant was back in full force last night. Long live the bleacher creatures!

Perfect night for the Yanks farm system
Live fron the Thunder press box
  • mg

    Rarely has there been a more gleeful chanting of “Box Seats Suck!”

  • Todd Drew

    I’m behind on this news. How did they enforce the banning of speech? To show solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the bleachers I think the whole Stadium (including people in the box seats) should chant “box seats suck!” tonight and tomorrow and the next day and…

  • monkeypants

    Yeah! Long live boorish behavior!


  • Yanksrule57

    Thank you for clearing up a mystery for me!
    I always listen to “roll call” at the start of the games on TV but you can’t always hear clearly. I’ve heard them saying ….Sucks! in the past, but could never understand what they were saying. For those who think they are boorish, get over yourselves, they don’t call them the “Bleacher Creatures” for nothing. I for one, would love to sit out there one time to enjoy the experience. I live in FL, and have to settle for my annual visit to Legends Field.

  • mg

    Todd, they were throwing out anyone who said “Box Seats Suck” immediately from the park. They obviously couldn’t get anyone but they were throwing 20 or so people out each day for it which quickly stopped the chant. They also were throwing out anyone who pointed at another fan during the YMCA which I have no huge issue with.

    Over the last home stand I’d guess several hundred fans were tossed from the bleachers for exercising their right to free speech. If saying “sucks” is too boorish for you, I would expect you’d find the entire bleacher experience rather shocking. If you can handle a little colorful language there’s no place in baseball better to watch a game from than the right field at the stadium.

  • monkeypants

    “Over the last home stand I’d guess several hundred fans were tossed from the bleachers for exercising their right to free speech.”

    I didn’t realize my right to free speech extended to obnoxious behavious in a private setting. If I eat at a restaurant and start shouting obscenities, clearly my right to free speech does not prevent the management from kicking me out. Standards of behavious at the ball park may be different, based on social convention. But I’m pretty certain the management at YS is within its rights to determine what sort of “free speech” is excercised within the park.

  • mg

    Well for starters they threw out damn near every regular in the bleachers tonight for chanting “box seats suck” several times at the end of roll call so obviously the crackdown is back.

    As for your argument monkeypants, I would respond that the biggest issue is inconsistency. If it’s not ok in 39 it shouldn’t be ok in tier 23. There is no place else in the stadium you would get tossed for shouting the word “sucks”. That is not an obscenity. People are almost never tossed for language anywhere else in the park. Just conduct. Starting fights. Etc. I think the issue is largely the singling out of a group, particularly when it’s a group of very dedicated and informed fans who have been season ticket holders for 10 or 15 years in many cases.

    The fans in the box seats rarely if ever get tossed for enticing the bleachers. We’re just enjoying the game and making a little part of the stadium real. The rest can turn into Disneyland as long as I can have my little piece to have fun but also watch the game.

  • monkeypants


    If the argument is about consistency, them I am with you. If the arguement is about exercising free speech, then it’s bunk. In any case, whether I think there is inconsistent enforecement or not, I am disturbed by the enthusiasm with which people to circle the wagons to defend boorish behaviour, and then wrap it up with self righteous statements like “we’re keeping the stadium real.” What the hell does that mean? Maybe the discussion should be: “why isn’t the enforecement consistent and all the loud obnoxious assholes thrown out, instead of just in the bleachers.” Instead, we get arguments like “the guys in the box seats are assholes, so it’s my right to be an asshole too.” Does anyone ever stop and think about the actual substance of what they are purportedly defending?

    By the way, I never “entice the bleachers” because I, you know, watch the game rather than chant slogans at the other fans.

  • mg

    We’re talking about people who are there every day. Creators of roll call. This is hardly boorish behavior. Chanting “Box seats suck!” five times and sitting down (and that’s what we’re talking about here) should not be cause for expulsion. Sit in the bleachers and tell me the fans who are doing this don’t know the team and what’s going on in the game/season better than just about anyone else in the park. While the box seats and tiers are playing with beach balls and doing the wave we’re watching the game.

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  • Pip

    The calls for decorum are ridiculous. These are clearly people who would have had an aneurysm if they’d gone to a game in 1977 or had to sit in the bleachers (oh, the horror!) in 1996-00. Watching the game? Well, that’s what YES is for. You want to cheer and scream and yell your a$$ off, then that’s what the stadium is for, Professor Sphincter.
    But alas, it’s also clear that you are exactly the kind of ‘fan’ the post-Steinbrenner Yanks are going to market themselves to; bankers and boners, all straight and boring as butter knives. And they’ll throw people out for wearing shirts without collars.

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