Live fron the Thunder press box

Box seats suck! Box seats suck!
The full report on Hughes's start today

What up, y’all? Betcha never thought I’d be up in the press box, huh?

Got here a lil late, but got to see some Phil. We just got out of a press conference with him, and then a quick one with Billy Connors. We’ll see what I can find after the game.

Sitting next to Tony Gicas of The Bronx Block, so at least I’m not the only blogger here.

Box seats suck! Box seats suck!
The full report on Hughes's start today
  • jason

    Tell Jason Jones it is not nice to show up the MAN with the brass in attendance.

  • NYFan

    Re: Hughes….today’s chat on ESPN:

    JC, Winnipeg: Keith, asking more as a question of ideology vs specific case, but why wouldn’t the Yanks trade Joba for Tex? Young proven masher in exchange for an unproven prospect? Sure pitching is always a hot commodity, but it’s 50/50 whether he will actually pan out, and payroll isn’t really an issue in the Bronx. Don’t you take the sure thing every time?

    SportsNation Keith Law: (1:14 PM ET ) Because there are only a handful of #1 starters in the majors, and if you have a guy in your system who you think has a good chance to be one, you keep him. I’d trade Hughes before I’d trade Joba.

  • NYFan

    From the same chat:

    John (Valhalla, NY): Chamberlain or Bucholz?

    SportsNation Keith Law: (2:20 PM ET ) Chamberlain, for the upside. But Buchholz is very, very good, with two plus secondary pitches and better command.

  • mg

    Well if Joba can stay healthy he’s probably gonna be even better than Hughes.