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There’s worse things in the world than Cynthia Rodriguez having “FUCK YOU” in 2-inch letters across the back of her shirt (seriously, you’d need to have a great set of eyes to be able to read that from even 4-5 rows back). Given the way the media treats her and her husband, I second her opinion.

Get over it; this is far from front page news.

2007 International Signees
We ♥ Neshek
  • Jersey

    I’ve heard it said that ARod doesn’t help himself in the media. I guess you can say the same of his wife.

  • Josh

    yeah, it’s not front page news, but it’s still pretty *@#@ing funny.

  • Ben

    You know, I’m going to go ahead and give Cynthia the benefit of the doubt. Her shirt, according to The Post, says, “F- – – you.” And their photo is blurred. So how do we know what it really says? We’re supposed to take the word of The Post at face value? Hell will freeze over before I do that.

  • Mike A.

    Excellent point Ben. I hadn’t considered the possibility that the lowlifes at the Post may have vultured a story from something harmless.

  • dan

    Isn’t it entirely possible that it says “FCUK YOU”? people everywhere have those shirts, its the name of the company, if you haven’t seen it before….

    I have no idea what it actually says, because the picture is blurred out, but those shirts with the “FCUK” logo/slogan/whatever are relatively common

  • Luddy Bazcej

    It’s the Post, cant expect more.

    And I honestly think its a funny shirt. Headline news? Nah, they just wanna sell papers. Muckrakers!

  • Travis

    I don’t think it’s funny. I think it’s classless. Kind of like trying to knock the ball out of a fielder’s glove in the postseason.

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