Grading the SWB Yankees

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It’s midseason in Triple-A too, so Van Rose of The Times Leader handed out his grades for the Triple-A Scranton Yankees. I have 2 comments:

  1. Rose was VERY generous with the grading.
  2. They must really pump up the scoreboard radar gun in Scranton, because Erik Bedard Chase Wright does not throw 95. Not in a million friggin’ years.
The triumphant return of...
Photos from Old Timers' Day
  • John

    It’s not Chase Wright’s 95 MPH fastball that floors me. It’s the description of Matt DeSalvo as fearless and willing to challenge hitters.

  • Joseph P.

    Well, that may be how he works hitters down in AAA, though his walk totals would say otherwise. But that’s not nearly as egregious as the Wright comment.

  • Barry

    Chase Wright is also New York’s John Wayne

  • Barry

    Chase Wright is also New York’s John Wayne. Is it true Bedard is a FA next year.

  • Mike A.

    Bedard’s arbitration eligible for next year, then can be a FA after ’08. Peter Angelos has deep pockets, so I think they’ll make a very hard push to extend him.

  • C-Note

    A bigtime South paw is really the only thing missing from our farm system, and every yankee run of rings has had at least one great lefty on the staff (see Whitey ford, Gator, Dandy andy)… I find it interesting to note that the collapse of 2004 had no lefties in rotation and the last two playoff failures were highlighted by shitty performaces from an aging an ineffective R. Johnson—- you figure Andy pitches thru 2008, by the time the club moves into the new stadium it makes sense that thay would try to sign for, trade for one bigtime lefty(Bedard, santana, Dontrelle, etc)

    maybe Michael Dunn or Angel Reyes puts it together, or some fella who’s an international signee— with how well they are drafting it seems they should be able to develop a lefty sooner or later, but for now none seem to be on the horizon

    somehow, I don’t think it’ll be Chase john wayne Wright and his “95′ heater

    Must be a fella who wrote the article doesnt wanna piss off any of the guys on the team- A LOT of the grades were VERY generous, & some of the descriptions didnt seem to match who he was talking about at all

  • Mike A.

    Speaking of big-time lefties, I REALLY want the Yanks to go after Sabathia next year when he’s a FA. Imagine having a front 4 of Sabathia-Hughes-Joba-Wang. You can just shove it down the other team’s throat game after game during the postseason. Ridiculous.

  • Zack

    Mike: Not to mention if the following year we can throw Sanchez in there, with Sabathia, Joba, and Sanchez, our pitching rotation would be buffet line all stars! (fat jokes never get old, right? right??? Oh well)

    Sabathia would be my vote for FA pitcher: a consistently better than average lefty work horse…

  • mehmattski

    I hear there’s this other lefty who will be a free agent in 2008. Johan something. Maybe we can check him out….

  • CB


    Do you think Sabathia is worth a Barry Zito+ contract? It’ll take at least that much to get him. Maybe an 8 year deal? He’s clearly a top flight arm. But his body type and weight problems worry me. I can see him gaining a lot more weight and breaking down over the course of a 7 year deal. He’s a great talent and would help a a lot but I think he’s a considerable risk. Granted there are only so many southpaws of his quality but he feels like Bartolo Colon redux with this next contract – only for a lot more money than colon got.