Hughes looking a-o-Kei to me


Time to wave good bye to Kei Igawa. Tonight at Scranton, Phil Hughes went six shut-out innings, giving up just 2 hits and 1 walk while striking out 7. He threw 54 of his 73 pitches for strikes, and Chad Jennings, in his excellent SW-B Yankees blog, notes that Hughes looked great. Hughes will make one more start to push it to 100 pitches before returning to the Bronx. Side note: Joba starts later today for AAA and Kennedy is set for Saturday, the day after Jeff Karsten’s next rehab appearance.

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  • randolf

    I dont ever want to see Igawa again. He was a huge mistake and should be traded immediately. He contributed absolutely nothing to this team and unless he goes through a total transformation in the minors hes worth nothing to this team. Maybe he can be converted to the bullpen.

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  • http://roadrunner.com Paul albany

    great to see hughes rounding into shape he gets 1 more start in aaa to control fastball but I havn’yt heard if changeup is in shape. lots of talk about jabo chamberlain leave him alone and in rotation 2008.

  • Marsha

    I agree with Randolf just as long as it’s someone else’s bullpen.

  • http://www.trailerspy.com Julie

    I can’t wait to see Hughes back in pinstripes. His last start had so much promise.

    Igawa was a complete mistake, but maybe he’ll be better in a small market team with less pressure.

  • Kevin

    I think we have to get Hughes up into the rotation now, one more day of Igawa is too many. I don’t know if he can ever be fixed, but the big league level is not the place to try and find out.

    I’d love to see what Joba can do in the bullpen if pitches well at AAA for a few weeks, how much can a month or two in the ‘pen hurt his development? Who knows, maybe he turns out to be the missing link in the ‘pen.