Klapisch: Are the Yanks deadline buyers or sellers?


As the trade deadline fast approaches, speculation over the Yanks’ approach to the deadline this year mounts. Over at ESPN.com, Bob Klapisch kicked things off with an interesting, if obvious, take on the Yankees. With the team’s flaws out in the open and the team itself underachieving, Klapisch notes that the Yanks’ play over the next few weeks will determine whether or not the Yanks are buyers or sellers. He runs through the usual topics — Kyle Farnsworth’s consistently terrible pitching, Bobby Abreu’s hot and cold hitting and A-Rod‘s opt-out clause — while offering no concrete conclusions. My take: Farnsworth is gone, but the Yanks are buyers as they try to stage a great comeback. What do you think? Will the Yanks be buyers or sellers come July 31st?

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  • Luddy Bazcej

    theyre 7 out with 2 months to go, and boston is floundering…definitely buyers

  • Count Zero

    Buyers. Unless something disastrous happens this weekend.

    Question is: What can they buy? Gagne? What they most desperately need is BP help, and a BUC. Both of those things are precious commodities, so unless they are prepared to overpay… Perhaps Clippard and Chase Wright would be enough to get Gagne, but I doubt it.

    I really thought Teixeira would be a Yank by the deadline, but given the way Andy has played this month, that seems less likely because the Rangers would require either Joba or Kennedy as part of a package and I don’t think Cashmoney is prepared to deal either of them right now. Then again…who knows? Expect the unexpected!

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Bullpen help would be nice but its not like we dont have interesting internal options. I think Karstens will be good out of the pen when he returns. Brower and Britton both deserve a look too.

    Aside from that were probably looking at adding a power bat, utility guy, and catcher.

    For sure though…expect the unexpected, totally agree!