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Klapisch: Are the Yanks deadline buyers or sellers?
Mike Mussina comes through in the clutch

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but the 3 of us have been busy and all that junk.

I’ve managed to secure a smidgen of time for myself amidst the chaos in my life, so I wanted to get something up on the site that could spark a decent conversation/debate and keep the site semi-interesting for more than 2 minutes. So here’s how it works:

You are Brian Cashman, and your team is in very real danger of missing the playoffs for the first time since Bill Clinton’s first term as Prez. The trade deadline is 11 days away and you have a pretty deep farm system (as well as a wealth of the most precious commodity in baseball, young cheap pitching) but few open spots on the ML roster. What do you do?


Klapisch: Are the Yanks deadline buyers or sellers?
Mike Mussina comes through in the clutch
  • KAnst

    If I was GM these are the moves I would be trying to make right now:
    Jeff Marquez and Steven White for Chad Qualls and a low level prospect (Astros)
    Kyle Farnsworth, Bret Smith, and Cash for Chris Coste and Greg Dobbs (Phillies)
    Ron Villone and cash to the Dodgers for a low level prospect (They need a reliever)
    Call up Chris Britton to take Villones spot

    That would make our bullpen:

    Our bench would then be:
    Greg Dobbs (Has good power and can play 1B, 3B, LF)
    Chris Coste (Has power and is a solid backup catcher)
    Miguel Cairo (ehh)
    Kevin Thompson (also ehh)

  • dan

    try and dump mussina while trading anyone outside of hughes and joba for santana (if they want to trade him at all). dont have time to write other stuff, but thatts the main point

  • Mike

    DL Damon and bring Shelley Duncan up and see if he can DH. Gice him a few weeks worth of consistent at bats and is he doesn’t hit take Damon off the DL and drop Duncan back down.

  • Yatt

    Bring up Britton while trading Farnsworth to anyone who will take him. Kick in money, if needed, to make it happen.

    Trade Myers and/or Villone to any takers. Henn takes that spot.

    Damon goes on the DL; Shelley Duncan takes his place. When Damon is healthy, he comes back and either Myers or Villone (whichever one is left) is out.

    Later, in August, I would do the following:

    If Hughes is ready, he takes Igawa’s spot in the rotation. Igawa goes to AAA.

    If Proctor is still struggling, send him down and bring up Joba. Let Joba get his taste of the big leagues while pitching from the BP, where the Yanks can maximize his pure stuff and minimize the chance he gets clobbered while trying to throw his less-refined pitches.

  • Jeff

    I’m not against bringin up Duncan, as already mentioned by another user. But I would rather bring up Gardner and put him in center. He has no power at all, but he gets on base and is a terrific base runner. He’s also a real good centerfielder which would allow us to move Melky to left and to DH Matsui.

    Damon has either lost it or is hurt and needs to sit. He’s been in a 2 month slump and July has been horrible. Put him on the DL and let him get healthy.

  • http://eephus.blogspot.com Emma

    Personally, after examining all the options… I would embezzle millions of dollars from the team and then flee to Fiji.

  • Mike

    According to WFAN Duncan has been called up!

  • Stuart

    Kanst you are trading 3 young arms for Coste,qualls, and Dobbs!!!

    No way bad idea..

  • C-Note

    take a look at Boston the last 50 games, they are in the middle of an out an out collapse, if the Yankes didn’t suck against SF, Col, & Oakland we’d be about 2 games out… the sox are starting to play tight—right now the division looks like it might be even more viable than the wild card, though both are with in reach— 14 games out in July is a mircle comeback, 6 games in the loss column is not, especially if fat ketchup sox is done…

    Theo will try to do something, good for him- we should make some moves too

    i agree with a lot of what has been said— DAMON is killing us, he Needs to be DL’d

    Ya wanna bring Shelly duncan up I have no problem with that

    the real deals are who, if any, of the young pitchers do we think about trading— DeSalvo, Chase, T-Clip, Olendorf, White

    Hughes, Joba, Betances untouchable…. probably Kennedy & Horne & Kontos too— but I’d be willing to listen if you blow me away with an offer and the player/players I’d be getting would be worth it not only this year but in years to come

    KC only has Dotel for a couple of months, would a couple of out expendable arms get him?

    what KAsnst outlined above what very specific and trade that were doable— what I’m all for is shaking up the bullpen– once we have Hughes back the rotation is set, the bench suck but what kills you is a bad bullpen

  • C-Note

    YEA for Shelly!!!! …. the young arms that Kanst is suggesting be traded arent that good(other thna Marquez who started strong but seems to be having a weird year

  • C-Note

    was Damon put on the DL? I can’t find any info at yankees.com

  • Mike K

    Farnsworth and cash for Wilson Betemit. I’m not in love with Betemit but apparently the Yankees think he is the second coming after trying to trade for him the last two years.

    Also, if Edwar Ramirez has a pulse….pitch him!

    Any word as to who went to the minors when Duncan was called up?

  • dan

    im looking for a link and cant find one on the shelley call-up. wfan.com and yankees.com have nothing about it as far as i can see…. someone post a link if there is one.

  • KAnst

    C-Note, thats what I was trying to do, we have a lot of arms having good years who dont profile as much more then back of the rotation/long relievers. We should sell these guys while the value is high to try and fill in our depth issues. We are not gonna be able to land a big name most likely so I would work on the bench and bullpen

  • Mike


    Pete Abraham is reporting it now too……

    I’m hoping that Damon goes to the DL and rests up for the post season!

  • dan

    I agree with KAnst. I have no idea if those other teams would accept the trades, but I don’t agree with holding onto depth that will never amount to much. Mike says it all the time that marquez has unimpressive stats and unimpressive stuff (thats i might have made up, but is probably true). I don’t see a point in holding onto him or brett smith (i just plain dont like smith) when we can have cheap major league upgrades for nieves and farnsworth. myers should be dealt to, but we might only be able to get some hot pretzels in return for him

  • CB

    Duncan’s not on the 40 man roster. Wonder what they’re going to do. With all of the players coming off the DL within the next month they’ll have to juggle.

    Kevin Reese or Colter Beene may get DFA’d I guess.

    They desperately need help in the pen. Farnsworth does need to go. That said, they really need a backup catcher.

    Posada cannot keep catching this many games. If he does his offensive production will drop and this team can’t afford that. That would effectively risk them losing their second or third best offensive player.

    Some people have said that Nieves isn’t that major a problem because he doesn’t play that much (How many more hits would a decent backup get in terms of Replacement Over Nieves?) Problem with Nieves isn’t only his production – it’s that he’s just too bad to expand his role enough to rest Posada adequately.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    hooray for shelley!

  • http://mehmattski.blogspot.com mehmattski

    I guess all it took was setting a franchise record in home runs. Given the fans’ warmth for Shane Spencer and Kevin Maas, Duncan just has to hit a couple out in his first few games to be an immediate fan favorite.

  • The Scout

    I’m mostly with CB on what to do.

    Make moves that help now but do not sacrifice key pieces of the rebuilding process. Hughes and Chamberlain will anchor the rotation with Wang. Kennedy seems to have good potential, too. Tabata remains the only sure-fire position prospect. EVERY OTHER MINOR LEAGUE PROSPECT is potentially part of a deal. Not all of them, of course, but you cannot expect to get serious quality in exchange for pocket lint. The Steven Whites and Mat Desalvos of this world do not fetch top flight talent in return.

    That said, back-up catcher remains an urgent need, not just for this year but next, too. No minor league catcher will be ready to back up Posada (assuming he re-signs) in 2008. It should be possible to get a decent back-up catcher without paying a fortune.

    Bullpen help is needed, of course, but there is little now on the market and the bidding will make the price steep. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear that the solution will be found within the organization for this year or next, in part due to injuries (Cox) but more so due to the stubborn refusal to promote (Patterson) or use (Edwar) the people available. I would rather see a short-term Chamberlain promotion/bullpen switch than over pay for a second-rung reliever no better than what we have now.

    Do not try to put a replacement for A-Rod in the picture now. There are too many uncertainties here. Deal with this after the season. For that matter, the outfield situation should also be left for the post-season.

  • The Scout


    For a little irritation, check out Ted Lilly’s numbers with the Cubs. Lilly, you may recall, wanted to sign with the Yankees last winter, but Cashman preferred Igawa. Yes, Lilly wanted a four-year deal, which was too many. But Igawa got the same four years. Lilly would have meant a higher luxury cap tax, but the Yankees have never worried much about money when they needed a player.

  • tony from the bronx

    fix the yanks,hard to do
    1st you must at the least dl damon or try to trade him knowing that you wont get much back and you will have to pick up some of his salary according to a interview yesterday damon said he no longer is injured he seems very slow with the bat could he be like carlos barega and lose it overnight? you must also trade fransworth again what are you willing to eat in salary but there must be a market for “set-up ” man maybe philla.is a match or detroit since he pitched there i would also consider dealing proctor in the right trade mussina is a 5 and 10 guy so he is not going anywhere meyers and villone also have some value both veteran and lefthanded teams such as cleveland detriot colorodo have a need maybe we go to tampa bay and do some kind of deal with them they are loaded with position players and we have pitching the yanks need to address cf and probably 3b melky is anice 4th of but i dont think we can win with him as our starting cf a rod is probaly going to opt out the yanks will probaly not give him 8yrs 250mil which is what its going to take we also need to think about our c sitiuation posado is a FA i would not give him more then 2 or 3 yrs at about 12 to 13 mil mariano is the only guy i would over pay for 3 yrs at 45mil if posado doesnt resign the yanks should consider paul loduca brad asmus or rod barajas and posibily give p j pillitre a back up role every team he has been on the pitchers and coaching staff rave about his game calling ability and how he handles pitchers also cervalli is only 2yrs away defensively i would bring up shelley duncan until giambi is ready if duncan delivers great if not send him back down i would promote henn and britton and brower for the pen with vargas an option when he is healthy again(started his rehab yesterday)promoting these guys also allow you to promote some of our AA guys for 3b if a rod leaves i would consider mike lowel a short term option i would also see if there was amatch with the marlins for m cabrera protect hughes and joba and tell fla to take ther picks from the likes of tabata jackson
    horne marquez smith kontos maybe a 3 or 4 for 1 marlins do not have a stadium deal so they will be looking to save money agian he starts to get paid this coming year i would not trade for willis something is not right with him so what do have
    1b phillips/meinkveich
    2b cano
    ss jeter
    3b a rod or lowell or cabera or even a mike lamb type
    lf matsui
    cf milkman(2007) hunter(2008)
    rf abreu(2007) 2008 guardner if he is ready or abreu for one more year and then tabata or jackson if they are ready and still with the team
    c posada(2007) loduca,asmus,borojas,(2008) if posada does not re sign
    sp wang
    sp mussiana
    sp hughes
    sp clemmons{2007}chamberlin/kennedey/horne(2008}
    sp andy petite(if he picks up player option)krastens,rasner(08)

    proctor fransworth(2007 if not traded)ramierez(2008)
    mellencon/cox/sanchez one of the three hopeful1y is ready
    jackson/bean/ohlendorf one of the 3 need sthe chance
    manager im still undecided about mattingly or giardi

  • Mike R.

    Scout –

    You can’t really take Lilly’s numbers with the Cubs and say he’d be doing that for us. The NL Central is a long way from the AL East. Truth be told I’m glad we didn’t sign Lily, even though I was hoping we would during the offseason. He required a 4 year $40 million deal. With the tax it goes up to $56 million. If Igawa has a halfway decent year next year it is a lot easier to trade him or put him in the bullpen than it would be to do the same with Lily.

  • The Scout


    I think Lilly would be very useful, eating up innings. Add a half run or so to his ERA for the league difference and his ERA is still lower than that of any Yankee starter other than Wang. Also, unlike Igawa, Lilly has pitched a lot in the AL East, so he knows the competition. He would have been a good bridge for two seasons until the kids are ready. The final two years would probably have been a waste. Better that than four years of Igawa, which looks like a total waste. Unless he produces, no GM will take him in a trade (would you?). And if his future is in the bullpen as a long releiver, there were other cheaper options (Karstens, Rusner).

    Probably best not to belabor the point, however. What’s done is done, and we cannot turn back the clock.

  • brxbmrs

    Mike R.

    The savings on lux tax is just a bad arguement. First, the Yanks have under 80 mil committed to payroll in 2009 so they technically only have to worry about 07 & 08.

    Lilly’s 40 mil was back end loaded – he makes 5 mil this year and 7 mil next. Therefore he only makes 4 mil more than Igawa the next two – for a lux tax hit of 1.6 mil.

    When you take into account that the Yanks put up 26 mil up front to talk to him and consider that they are losing over a mil in interest on that money, it makes even less sense.

    Also, lux tax issues aside – Cashman committed more money to a guy who never pitched in the majors and one who he said was projected to be a #5 starter.

    Nothing in this deal was reported honestly. There is alot at play here. One, Torre and Cashman never liked Lilly’s stuff. Two, I bet the Yanks wanted Igawa to increase their Japanese presence and were embarassed by losing the Dice-K sweepstakes.

    Third, for Cashman to spend 46 mil on a bottom of the rotation starter is crazy, I am sure he thought he would be better than that and he listened to the wrong people – this is a major flaw with Boy Brian, he can not evaluate talent on his own.

    I’m sure the Yanks thought that Igawa could be traded more readily if the Yanks developed Hughes, Joba, etal and had a surplus in the next few years, but the reality is they paid over 25 mil more in the first year for a guy who not only isn’t as good as Lilly, but doesn;t belong in the major leagues and may never have any value to anyone.

    Using your logic, what is Igawa worth next year to another team if he has a “halfway decent” year? Is he worth $34 mil which is what the Yanks will have paid him after year two? Will the Yanks get anywhere near that in prospects or a major league caliber player? No way.

    Kaat told Cashman that Meche was the best bang for the buck FA available, Cashman listened to the wrong guys – or caved into the wishes of guys like Levine who lose sight of what is truly important to the fans.

  • brxbmrs

    One more point….

    For Cashman to try and save 2.5 mil a year by hoping Igawa and Lilly would give you the same results again is ridiculous and shows a major flaw in Brians thinking.

    Steinbrenner never put Cashman on a budget and by Brian trying to self-impose one on himself took away the only real advantage the Yanks have in building a current team – and that’s their checkbook.

    I think Cashman was tired of being criticized for his huge payroll and didn’t have enough guts to tell the pundits to go fcuk themselves.

    Cashy’s head is in the right place by trying to develop and protect the farm but it certainly took him long enough to realize this is what he should have been doing years ago – not just last year.

    When you look at the bench and pen that Cash has put together the last 3 or so years, there is alot to criticize and I think its fair to wonder what a guy like Teryy Ryan or Billy Beane or Schuerholtz could have done with an unlimited payroll and their ability to nurture a farm.

  • Mike R.

    I think my argument was misinterpreted as a defense of the Igawa signing. It was most definitely not. I just don’t believe Lily was the solution.

    My mentioing of the contract was to demonstrate that if Igawa could pull it together next year, or put up something similar to what the Yankees thought that they were getting. He would be much easier to trade.

    In my opinion they could have done well to allow Rasner and Karstens fight it out for the fifth starter role, but the Igawa siging wasn’t as much about talent, but had more to do with splash as brxbmrs pointed out.

    If we are going to get into the hypothetical time machine and sign a diferent pitcher, forget about Lily and go back and sign Gil Meche. Cashman mentioned interest in him last offseason, but nothing ever came of it. Now there is a guy that could have really helped us this year.

  • http://depressedfan.com Brian

    Two guys have to go, whether you’re buying or selling, Farnsworth and Mussina.

    One deal, that I think the Yanks could get done, is Mussina for Burrell. Philly doesn’t want/need him, and the Yanks could use a righty bat off the bench. He’s an expensive bat off the bench, but here’s the way I look at it.

    The rotation with Hughes and Karstens (or Joba, or DeSalvo, or Clippard) is much better than the rotation with Mussina and Igawa. Salary-wise, Burrell is owed just about the same amount as Mussina, and his walk year is next season, so maybe you catch lightning in a bottle.

    Farnsworth a boatload of cash for Betemit is a great deal for the Yanks, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Rich

    Brian, why would Farnsworth be wanted by the Dodgers, even if they should value Betemit little? As you write it’d be a great deal for the Yanks but what would you give to the Dodgers to make them willing to make a trade?

    Don’t just offer what you don’t like.

  • Mike R.

    Mussina is a 10 and 5 guy which means he can veto trades. I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

  • http://jeteupthemiddle.blogspot.com Jeteupthemiddle

    I also don’t think Mussina is a problem for the team.

    Since June 7, he has a 3.09 ERA and 6 of his 7 starts were Quality Starts in the very least (and his one non quality start he went 5 innings and gave up 2 earned runs).

    Before June 7 he wasn’t in any kind of rhythm or trying to rebuild his arm strength (off days and injuries).

    I know it is kind of in vogue to criticize the guy for needing conditions to be “exactly right,” but he hasn’t been an issue of late.

    His peripherals (GB% FB% LD%) support this as well.

    Also, I don’t think the Yankees signed him thinking he would be a number 1 starter for them this season. I think the expectation was for him to be a number 3 at best (with Wang and Pettitte besting him statistically) considering his age.

  • brxbmrs


    You don’t spend 26 mil just to talk to a pitcher so he can be easier to trade – there is nothing positive to take from the Igawa signing – nothing. Cashman listened to the wrong people.

  • The Scout


    After last night, perhaps you’d like to reconsider your defense of Mussina? That was a crucial game, sandwiched between a tough loss and a doubleheader with two unreliable starters. That was a time to step up. Moose didn’t get the job done.