Yanks shopping Damon?


As the trade deadline approaches, the rumors ramp up. This one deals with the Yanks’ new aging and over-the-hill outfielder Johnny Damon. Rotoworld links to this article in the Newark Star-Ledger that notes the Yanks have called a few teams about Johnny Damon. While Damon has a limited no-trade clause and makes too much money, the Yanks would like to move him to free up the space so that Melky Cabrera and Jason Giambi can play everyday. I think this one’s wishful thinking on the Yanks’ part though.

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  • John

    Is there any way to find out which teams his limited no trade clause allows him to be moved to?

  • Kyle

    didnt know where to put this…from todays Keith Law chat

    John White Plains: I’ve read that some scouts would take Joba long term over Hughes. Assuming both stay healthy do you agree?

    Keith Law: Without any hesitation, yes.

  • dan

    Wow. How can he say that without hesitation? Maybe he means “without actually thinking about it, i’ll say joba’s better.” if he actually thought about he would have to realize that phil hughes has cy young potential; and while joba does too, the fact (yes, i said fact) remains that hughes is a beast. no matter how good someone else is, its awfully tough to be considered a no-brainer over someone like phil hughes

  • h2munro

    … Or maybe he had already thought about it so he didn’t have to hesitate when asked? I don’t know. At this level those answers can change so quickly depending on what happened this month or this week for that matter that I don’t think they mean mean all that much. At this point I’d hate to have to live on the difference between the two so I agree that his answer seems oddly emphatic.

    He also likes Buckholtz more than Phil? Whatever. He’s informed and is a lot more pleasant than Callis. He’s entitled to his opinion. Happily, we’re entitled to disagree.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Im not sure how wise this is. Even though JD has been sucking up the joint most of the year, I would not mind having him on the bench as a late inning PH, PR, or even a spot starter, etc etc.

    Not looking at the contract, having Damon on the bench really beefs up a significant weakness. He’s pricey, sure. But still, I dont see a need to throw him away and to pay part of the salary on top of it.

  • ShawnT

    Hey you know if u can say the Joba is better than Hughes, thats not takin anything away from hughes. Bottom line were gunna to beasts in the bronx in the near future

  • Luddy Bazcej

    anyone watching the game? oh boy does igawa stink. time to pull the plug on this clown!

  • ShawnT

    Jeez i so wish i knew how the offence whatching igawa pitch, it deffinatley has to be painfull

  • dan

    i dont even think the yankees are giving his next start to hughes… they want hughes to have one more start in scranton to get his pitch count up to around 100 before he pitches in the bigs. hopefully we have only one more igawa start to suffer through

  • dan

    my mistake, hughes will have one more start in the minors, but igawa will be skipped with the off-day. hughes will pitch august 4th (according to pete abe)