Kei Igawa sucks

Yanks shopping Damon?
DotF: Yanks' hurlers struggle

As tonight’s game came to a close, one of our popular search terms this evening was “Kei Igawa sucks.” And you know what, Google users? You’re absolutely right. Kei Igawa sucks.

Against the Royals tonight, Kei Igawa, obviously, ended up on the wrong end of a 7-0 game. Igawa threw 102 pitches in 5.2 innings en route to an ugly line of 5.2-7-5-5-2-5. After this game, he stands at 2-3, his last win coming in relief on April 28. He’s inexplicably thrown 68 Major League innings with terrible results. His ERA stands at 6.79, and he’s given up 80 hits and 34 walks. There’s no question that Tyler Clippard, now at AA, and Matt DeSalvo could have turned in 68 innings of better quality than Igawa.

After tonight’s start, it’s clear that Kei Igawa has no place in the Major League rotation. Phil Hughes is ready to go; Joba Chamberlain, who started the year at A ball, doesn’t seem too far behind; and on Saturday, we’ll see how far away Ian Kennedy is when he makes his first AAA start.

Yet, despite the obvious situation, some of you are rightly concerned that, with Phil Hughes making one last rehab start on Sunday, the Yankees will allow Kei Igawa to make another big league start. Worry not. The off day on Monday saves us from that debacle. Take a look:

Friday: Andy Pettitte
Saturday: Roger Clemens
Sunday: Chien-Ming Wang
Monday: Day Off
Tuesday: Another day in which I have to suffer through a Mike Mussina start at the Stadium
Wednesday: Andy Pettitte, on normal rest
Thursday: Roger Clemens, on normal rest
Friday: The Return of Phil Hughes Halleujah.

So there ya go. Phil Hughes will start on normal rest on Friday and no one, except for Kei Igawa, is worse off. Don’t let door hit you on the way out, Kei. Or on second thought, let it hit. Good bye.

Yanks shopping Damon?
DotF: Yanks' hurlers struggle
  • Luddy Bazcej

    [kobra kai] SOMEBODY GET HIM A BODY BAG!! [/kobra kai]

  • Stuart

    If they do pitch Igawa again they are out of their minds..

    he hangs multiple pitches every game and they get hammered every time…

    he cannot throw a breaking pitch below the waist….

  • Ben K.

    Stuart, don’t worry. My plan isn’t a suggestion. It’s exactly what the Yanks are going to do. Kei Igawa won’t be pitching this season in the Bronx.

  • Dude

    Wouldn’t Wang get that start bc it’s on his normal day, and Hughes would get an extra rest day and go 8/4, Saturday? I mean, I guess the decision is Cash/Tor’s, but one of them will have an extra rest day, I just assume it will be Hughes bc he’s rehabbing and Wang is our best pitcher, and he should get as many starts as possible.

  • Ben K.

    Dude, depends on Wang’s finger. If they’re interested in maximizing his time between starts, it’ll be Hughes. If not Wang and Hughes will start Saturday. Either way, no more Kei Igawa with minimal disruption to the rotation.

  • Stuart

    Ben are pray you are correct. I am not an expert but I have been a fan for a long long time and Igawa is not ready for this…

    Igawa, Desalvo, and Wright are all night ready for this.. I thought Clippard had a fighting chance but he is not ready either.

    Karstens and Rasner are long men in my opinion at best or starters on crappy teams..

    Hughes looks real good to me and has so much upside…

  • batty

    Sorry to disappoint you:

    Looks like Iggy pop may have another outing.

  • Ben K.

    They’re being diplomatic for now. No one’s going to come out and say Igawa is a failure. But you wait, batty. Igawa won’t make his next start. I would put money on that.

  • batty

    Man, I hope you’re right. I think it’ll depend how they do this weekend too – if they sweep they may try to give everyone a rest and play with ‘house money.’ The good thing is that Wang, Moose, and Pettite don’t really like their routines messed with. Moose wines, Wang gets too strong where his sinker won’t sink (I noticed his last few outings weren’t ‘classic Wang’ and his pitch count was on the low side – correlation?), and Pettite at this point just needs regular outings which we didn’t give him at the beginning of the season.

    Listening to the commentary on the radio someone made an interesting point that Iggy may over think his outings. The shutout when he came out of the pen against Boston was interesting, perhaps he may be an overpaid yet effective long arm out of the bullpen. Better than MLB’s most expensive minor league pitcher ;)

  • Joseph P.

    Disclaimer: I’m drunk, so I didn’t make a full post of this.

    Kei Igwawa is quite possibly the worst pitcher I’ve seen since I became a Yankees fan, which was right around the age of 2 1/2 (1984). Of course, I don’t have clear memories until about ’87, but even then, Igawa ranks among the — if not the — worst.

    And that includes Wade Taylor.

  • The Scout

    What to do with Igawa?

    Voltaire once said of the British navy that it sometimes would hang a failed admiral “to encourage the others.” Sounds about right to me.

    Ted Lilly has won seven straight for the Cubs. Just thought you might like to be reminded…

  • Ben K.

    The Scout, thanks for bringing up Lilly. I meant to note that in the post and then forgot. He’s been a very solid pitcher for the Cubs this year…

  • Marsha

    Igawa should just go back to Japan where he can pitch himself into obscurity although he might not want to because he would lose face, which is a no-no in Japanese culture.

  • Ben K.

    If the Yanks want to keep everyone on normal rest, the rotation would shake down like this instead:

    Friday: Pettitte
    Saturday: Clemens
    Sunday: Wang
    Monday: Day Off
    Tuesday: Mussina
    Wednesday: Pettitte
    Thursday: Clemens
    Friday: Wang
    Saturday: Hughes

    That works for me as well. Just as long as Kei Igawa is far, far away from us.

  • mickey07

    My Iggy theory of the day…he is going to spend some of that 40 Million to purchase land to start a geisha house franchise in Scranton or Trenton. I did not think it would be possible, but he makes me forget about Pavano.

  • Ben

    Ben, what if Gator is sincere that, at this stage in the season, he wants to give the starters an extra day’s rest, as Pete Abe is reporting? Who gets Iggy’s next start? DeSalvo is lined up for it, but was hit pretty hard yesterday.

  • dan

    mickey, igawa didnt make $40 million. $46 million is the posting fee combined with the final amount he’ll make in 5 years. he’s making $4mill per year. although he could still get a damn nice house in scranton/trenton with that money

  • randolf


  • somebody in rf

    Watch that word sucks. Not only will it get thrown out. You will be threatened with arrest by a New York City Police Officer