A note on Kyle Farnsworth


A lot of folks are less-than-thrilled that Kyle Farnsworth is still a Yankee. Considering the boos Farnsworth heard last night upon entering the game and the last-minute trade the Yanks turned down, it’s understandable. But Farnsworth could still be on the move. He’s owed a ridiculous $7.1 million over the next few seasons. With a contract like that, he will definitely clear waivers to be traded before August 31. And if he doesn’t clear waivers, he becomes someone else’s problem.

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  • C-Note

    I agree with Ben K, Farnsy can most def be dealt in a post AUG 1st deal… and hey, after that 1-2-3 inning last night I’m sure Cashmans phone is ringing off the Hook! … or not—

    I think a good Trade would be Farnsy to where ever the hell for a bag of baseballs,some gum, and seasons one & two of the Sopranos on DVD

    With it being hot as all F*ck in NY and my brain going to mush I was just thinking… what would our record be right now if we had had a real Spring Training conditioning program(thanks CASH for experimenting with a guy with no MLB experience to work on your 200 million dollar team)

    WANG & MATSUI & MOOSE get off to better starts…

    Damon isn’t Hobbling around since opening day…

    Phil is in the rotation since late April…

    JoBA doesn’t miss a month…

    I think with ESPECIALLY no Hammies in march, april or may(or even a couple less, especially when a certain someone is pitching a no-no) that instead of seven games in the loss to the Sox we’d be more or less eye to eye

    screw it, we’ll get them in the playoffs