• Mike R.

    I have been dreaming of a 2009 rotation of:

    1- Johan Santana
    2- Wang
    3- Hughes
    4- Chamberlain
    5- Kennedy

    I already have the perfect nickname. “The Four Aces”. I can see it on The Post now.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Four? Sounds like five to me!

  • Mike R.

    I think so too, but I don’t want to get greedy, and it loses the poker pun.

  • Mike

    Joba was demoted to Trenton’s bullpen. He must be crushed.

  • Matt L

    No, he was demoted because he is getting his passport, in anticipation to his move to New York and trips across the border to Torontto.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    I think Mike up there was joking, Matt. He’s in Trenton tonight to throw in an inning. If he does that, I would imagine he’ll be in the Bronx on Saturday to throw an inning.

    Can you imagine Hughes’ return and Joba’s MLB debut in the same game?

  • Mike

    I was being facetious.

    I’ll be at the game Saturday (if my friend comes through with the tickets), and if Joba makes his debut in a game Hughes starts, I…I…I dunno what I’d do, but it’d be pretty badass.

  • Patrick

    Don’t you think the Twins will trade Santana for something big, whether it is this offseason or before next year’s deadline? Unlike the Nat-spos in Washington, I have a feeling the Twins will get value, if they are unable to sign him. The question is…what would the Twins want for Santana? If they want someone like Hughes, Chamberlain or Kennedy plus another prospect, do the Yanks make the deal?

  • Mike R.

    If I am the Yankees I don’t make a deal for Santana next year. Maybe in the winter depending what they ask for, but unless they give the Yankees a window to work out an extension there is no way we should give up too much for him.

  • CGL

    With regards to Santana, I sort of agree with Mike R., the Yanks don’t make a “BIG” deal for Santana, it would be against the current promote-from-within philosophy and there is quite a bit of pitching talent within the system. However any number of things can happen before 2009, and it would be awesome if Santana was part of that rotation (without forgoing too many high level prospects). I think with Wang, Hughes, Chamberlain, Kennedy –and then possibly a re-invented Igawa/Horne/Betances that the Yankees might not be desperate for Santana. The deal that could be made would to be deal the lesser of those for Santana, but I think it’s too early to tell. Who knows, maybe Pavano might be healthy by 2009 :)

    Unrelated question–but it appears in the thread so i’ll ask anyways. I keep reading in the various blogs about Joba’s passport issues, but it makes no sense to me. What exactly is going on with Joba and his passport? Why does he need one to play in Toronto? I thought you can still travel between the US/Canada without one?

  • Bill

    The ’08 FA class is sick. I personally would like to see the Yanks go after CC Sabathia, just so we could have two really huge pitchers in the rotation(CC and JOba). They do say that fat guys pitch longer.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.


    You can travel to Canada by land without a passport. The minor league teams take buses, so it’s not a problem.

    If you travel by air, though, you need a passport.

  • Mike

    Did anyone else laugh when they showed that graphic saying that 5 of Shelley Duncan’s 7 hits have been homers? That’s insane.

    And there was all this talk about “who goes to the bench when Giambi returns?”, well, Giambi was yanked from the Tampa Yanks game tonight before he made a plate appearance. Anyone know why?

  • T.J.

    They started in a rain delay so the field might of been messy and didnt want to take a chance. Just guessing

  • The Scout

    The home-grown rotation most favored by followers of the sytem is entirely right-handed, and no lefties seem close to making the rotation. (Igawa? Surely you jest….) Santana would added valuable balance. An off-season deal, with a window to negotiate a contract, makes much more sense from the Yankee standpoint. Much too soon to tell whether the Twins would be ready to move Santana this winter.

  • NYFan50

    If Santana were available this winter, do you really think the Yankees would trade for him, given that he’s a pending FA after 08? They would have to give up prime talent for him. They couldn’t acquire him without giving up some of the great young arms. And not just one. Probably several.