Because we can’t stop making fun of Mike Mussina


Via this Fark thread comes a gem of a poster:


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  1. Mike A. says:

    Say what you want about him now, but that original 6-yr, $88.5M deal they signed him to in 2001 was an absolute steal considering what they got out of him (92 wins, 3.80 ERA, 4 years of 195 IP) compared to the contracts handed out to other pitchers at the time (Mike Hampton, Kevin Brown, Darren frickin’ Dreifort). It was also a very wise deal because they knew he could pitch in the AL East.

    He’s old now and he’s lost his old stuff, happens to everyone.

  2. Roger Clemens says:

    Not to me it don’t.

  3. dan says:

    the original contract was a very good one. the 2 years and $23million they gave him this offseason is a terrible one. even the supporters of mike mussina knew that he wouldnt be as good this year as he was last year. granted, $11.5 million a year is less than a lot of other pitchers make, but did anyone think he’d last 2 years, let alone one?

  4. Marc says:

    You sound like a Moose fan. I am too. He’s actually the pitcher i most enjoyed watching in the late 90′s and doesn’t deserve the crap he gets now. His ability has fallen off ever since his elbow troubles began in 04 that he foced himself to pitch through because the curret yankee staff was lieber and vazquez. He dominated for sucha long time he is just the most unlucky pitcher i’ve ever seen. ever check out his post season starts with the orioles? In 1997 against cleveland, he went 7 innings, 3 hits, 1 run and 15 k’s and LOST. He twice lost a perfect game in the ninth inning. In 97 against the mariners he twice beat the unit and won game 4 on 3 DAYS rest allowing one run through 7. My point is, he’s a gamer, he’s not able to pitch like he once did and its because of how he aged. People blame him for game 5 of the 05 alcs but that game was ruined when bubba crosby and shef collided and cost moose 3 runs in the 4th. People forget how good he was. If Phil has the career Moose has had it would be an overwhelming success and probably him meeting all the expectations, thats how good Moose has been. And like you said, he’s won 104 games for the yanks in 7 years… not too shabby.

  5. Marc says:

    Oh, and to top it all off… for all the shit he gets from yankee fans, the man was THREE Mariano Rivera outs from being a world champion with the Yanks while pitching an insane game against the A’s… oh and there is always the 1st and third, no out, in b/c clemens blew it up in a big game, comes in strikes out the first batter and gets Damon to ground into a DP. AND! he would ahve been the winning pitcher of record had Rivera not blown game 4 of the 04 alcs. and! he was filthy in the 03 world series.

  6. nettles says:

    I’m finding it hard to bust on Moose, painful as last night was to watch, for the reasons listed above. He’s certainly on the downward slope of his career, but let’s not just throw him under the bus!

  7. Adam says:

    Well, truth be told, Mussina really shot himself in the foot last off season.

    He took a big pay cut, not only in terms of salary, but in years.

    Some poor sucker could be in year 1 of 4 right now.

  8. Greg G. says:

    Sorry, guys, but I need to add one little bit of criticism. This is a great blog, my favorite, in fact. I know last night’s loss was frustrating, I really do. And while Photoshopping is always mildly entertaining, please, I beg you, do not turn this site into NoMaas 2, BostonDirtDogs, etc. etc.

    You guys are better than that.

  9. Ben K. says:

    Ok. Ok. I’ll stop with the Photoshop. And in appreciation of Mussina, I’ll do a top Mussina games post later on. He deserves some lovin’ around here.

  10. steve says:

    i’m with Marc.

    i can understand hating the way he is pitching this year, and calling him “done” and all that, but what i don’t get is the venom so many yankee fans have for this guy on a PERSONAL level.

    so many people seem to think that he is pitching poorly because he lacks “guts” or he is a “wuss”.

    i don’t get that. do you think he WANTS to pitch poorly?

    he’s old and his fastball is 86-87. that’s why he sucks.

    all a hitter has to do is sit and wait for a curve ball b/c they aren’t going to get jammed on an 86 MPH fastball.

    it’s really that simple.

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  12. RollingWave says:

    i agree that some of the Moose bashing goes too far. but seriously, some of us here probably coulda hit him last night

  13. Greg G. says:

    RollingWave: Speaking for myself (and myself alone), an 86 mph fastball would make me look utterly foolish.

    But, hey, that’s just me.

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