Draft signing grumblings

Blown saves all around
Olney: Igawa sticking around Scranton

Bullet-point style…

  • Rick Porcello is about to become a very, very rich man kid. There’s a chance the Porcello deal could affect how much the Yanks give Andrew Brackman, but frankly, they’re rumored to already be giving him $3M, which is more than anyone else would have offered.
  • Word on the street is that second round pick Austin Romine is already in Tampa getting his workout on, although a deal has not been made official. IPK & Joba did something similar last year, and obviously they both went on to sign. I take this as a good sign.
  • Nothing new the report on 4th rounder Brad Suttle (3B, Texas) or 10th rounder Carmen Angelini (SS, some HS in Louisiana), both are expected to sign well above slot deals, Suttle around $1M and Angelini around $900k.
  • The Yanks have made some minor signings, locking up 29th rounder Matt Pilgreen (RHP, Louisiana-Lafayette) and 37th rounder Steven Strausbaugh (OF, Western Carolina). No word on where the two will be assigned.
  • Last I heard, the Yanks had signed the fewest picks from the top 10 rounds, and the fewest picks overall. It’s about quality, not quantity I say.
  • Officially, the draft deadline is midnight tomorrow, so in reality you won’t get the full details on all the deals/signings until Thursday.
  • Looking back on it a year later, I think I over-estimated how long it’ll take Yankee fans to fall in love with Joba. The cool part is that the scouting report I gave back then was accurate; Nardi Contreras cleaned up Joba’s mechanics last year during Instruction League last fall, and bam, 92-93 became 98-99.

I’ll post any signing news as I get it, so check back often.

Blown saves all around
Olney: Igawa sticking around Scranton
  • Ken

    I believe the Yankees have signed all their top 10 picks. The reason for this is that all the players that are in the top are getting a well above slotted pay.

  • jon

    Give them the money. Am I the only one that thinks bonuses for top pitchers are still way too low, considering the recent success of young pitchers?

    Yes, some pitchers flop and never even make it to the big leagues. But others become league average starters (worth what, $8M per year) and others 5th starter/innings eater types (worth $4-5M?)

    What would Joba get as a free agent right now? Probably $10M per year over 4 years, at least. The Yankees have him for those 4 years for what, maybe $6M total (and then a couple years on top of that).

    Each Joba/Hughes/Verlander/whoever type becomes such a massive bargain that even if 90% of the pitchers totally flop, it’s still worth it to give them multi-million dollar bonuses.

  • Malcard89

    Mike, i dont think Joba will be throwing 98-99 when he becomes a starter again. Going to the bullpen adds about 3 mph to your fastball consistently. According to the scouting reports i’ve heard on Joba, he throws 94-95 as a starter, with the occasional dialup to 98. Hey, that’s still the best on the team by a good amount.

    That Porcello signing bonus is ridiculous, but the Tigers still got the best pitcher in the draft not named David Price. I hate the Tigers…

  • Joe

    What class does Brakman fall in? I’ve read a lot about him, but keep coming back to the fact that he has only pitched a couple of years. I’ve read he’s only got two pitches. With the farm system producing now, I assume the Yankees now what their up to with Brackman, but what is his ceiling?

  • Kyle

    The way I like to think about draft signing bonuses is this. Lets say 1 in 10 high round draft picks make it to the bigs. We are rumored to be giving Brackman 3 million. So if you sign 10 guys at 3 million a piece you have spent 30 million. That 30 million buys you 3 years of ML minimum and then 3 years of arbitration. So your looking at something like 20 million in contracts for the 6 years (thats if they are very good) so even with big bonuses and only a 10% success rate you are still getting 1 major leaguer at 6 years 50 million which is very fair.

  • dan

    when brackman is healthy he could be a #1 starter. the key is keeping his arm intact

  • Joe

    Really? No. 1, how much fun must it be for those minor league coaches, for years, they got next to nothing to work with, now their getting solid gold, must be pretty sweet.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    RE: Brackman
    Brackman’s ceiling is in orbit somewhere, the kid’s got major, major ability. A $3M bonus is a ton of money, off the top of my head I think it’d be the biggest signing bonus the Yanks have ever given to a draft pick. That’s almost 3 times what they gave Joba last year.

    RE: Joba
    RAB fave Keith Law told me he was in Trenton a few weeks ago to watch Joba, and said he was still throwing 97 in the 7th inning. He may not throw 98-99 as a starter, but 96-97 is plenty. Heck, Verlander throws 99-100 all game long, why can’t Joba?

  • Joe

    Can Brackman get through the system as fast as Joba or Kennedy? Given that Hughes, Wang, Chamberlin (most likely) and Kennedy look like a large portion of the starting roatation for the next few years, there will be no real rush to get him here, but how whats a likely ETA (without T.J. surgery)?

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    He won’t move as fast as Joba or IPK (if you’ve just started following prospects, those 2 absolutely blew through the system, so don’t think that’s typical), he’ll probably need 2.5-3 years in the minors. The Yanks have plenty of pitching depth, so they can afford to take their time with this kid.

  • younguns

    Commenting on the Rick Porcello signing, it’s not the $6-8 million signing money that should shock people but the fact that it includes a clause where this recent 18-year old high school graduate must be on the MLB 25-man roster by the end of 3 years. It would not matter if Porcello was struggling with an ERA of 10.00 in Low A minor league ball. He MUST be on the Tigers’ MLB team!

    This type of deal will really hurt a prospect by rushing them to the Majors before they are ready. Wily Mo Pena is the poster child of such a failed signing which included this type of clause.

    Credit Cashman for learning from the Wily Mo failure and refusing outright to signing another one of these contracts again.