Final draft signing update

Brackman's elbow up in the air
Post Draft Signing Period Top 30 Prospects

A couple of high profile picks inked deals just before the deadline last night:

  • Second overall pick Mike Moustakas signed with KC for $4M. Man, I can’t even fathom what kind of fallout there would have been if this deal didn’t get done.
  • Third overall pick Josh Vitters signed for $3.2M as expected and now bleeds Cubbie blue.
  • Fifth overall pick Matt Weiters came to an agreement with Team Angelos for straight $6M bonus. The $6M payout is the largest up front bonus in draft history. Frankly, I’m shocked Weiters didn’t get a ML deal.
  • Ninth overall pick Jarrod Parker agreed to a $2.1M deal with the D-Backs. Watch out for this kid, he’s the HS version of Tim Lincecum.
  • Finally, in a bit of a shocker, the Nats and 6th rounder Jack McGeary agreed to a $1.8M bonus, a record for the round. As you may recall, McGeary had a strong commitment to Stanford and was not excepted to sign. Well, he’s still going to go to Stanford, as the deal has provisions in place that will allow McGeary to attend school as a full-time student and play baseball during the summers. The Nats also threw in an addition $200 grand to play his tuition. Since he signed a pro deal, McGeary is ineligible for the Stanford baseball squad. Talk about a sweet deal, the kid got the best of both worlds.

So, is it too early to start talking ’08 draft?

Brackman's elbow up in the air
Post Draft Signing Period Top 30 Prospects
  • Jesse G.

    Regarding McGeary, I work with one of his best friends on the Cape and apparently he had a throwing session on the Cape a couple of weeks ago that really convinced them that he was worth the money. Supposedly he was up in the low 90s which would be much higher than he has ever been clocked at before.

  • Joseph P.

    Interesting on McGeary. I was sure the Sawks or Yanks would take the flier on him, not Washington.

    I’m just wondering if Stanford will pull a Billy Beane on the kid, saying that if he doesn’t play baseball, he’s not welcome at the University.

  • Jesse G.

    I think that is almost sure not to happen. I know he got good grades at a very good private school in Boston.

  • Kyle

    He went to Roxbury Latin which is one of the best prep schools in the nation. By many its considered the #1 feeder school for ivy league schools.

    As for McGeary, good job. The guy got the best of both worlds, he gets to go to a great school and pitch in the minors. He is going to be the big man on campus there, a 1.8 million dollar bonus throws you a lot of parties

  • Brian Foley

    The KC Star actually reported last evening that Moustakos was going to school and that was coming from his agent. Eventually the deal got done.