Nobody picks his team up better than Mike Mussina


Way to go, Moose. 4-0 with one out in the top of the first. After A-Rod‘s error, that’s just so predictably Mike Mussina.

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  • Mike K

    Lock it up right now. Down by 2 against a good starter. Yankees don’t score more than 2 runs off Verlander tonight.

    I’d be very happy to be wrong.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Well, at least we’re making Verlander work. Up to 26 pitches, and getting even just the 1 run back this inning is big.

  • zack

    I hate Moose

  • dan

    i dont think it will happen, but what are the chances that joba replaces mussina in the rotation in september once it becomes apparent that he won’t blow past his innings cap? (they probably want him to throw around 50, maybe 60, more innings this year)

  • NYFan50

    dan: The chances are 0.

  • Ben K.

    No chance, dan. Joba’s in the pen until spring training at this point.

  • Marc

    Does verlanders delivery just piss anyone else besides me? It has that kyle farnsworth ugly leg kick crap… kind of like how coco crisps batting stance just pisses me off. good stuff but what an ackward looking delivery.. bronson arroyo comes to mind.

  • NYFan50

    At least Verlander is going to end the 3rd at 70 pitches or so. Hopefully they can get to the pen by the 5th.

  • The Scout

    Cheer up, folks. Igawa is starting for Scranton tonight (only rwo home runs!), so he’d be on schedule to replace Mussina the next time around. :-)

  • Joseph M

    The saddest part of all this the fact that he has another year on his contract. Mike is too inflexible to have any real value at this stage of his career. The Yanks will have to stumble along with him as the 5th starter, but he should no longer be given any preferences. If his spot in the rotation can be skipped, skip it, and be working the phones too see what else might be available to fill the 5th spot.

    He can be dealt and should be dealt in the off season.

  • Barry

    I have two words that will make you feel better about Moose, Jeff Karstens.

  • Relaunch

    Sorry, the Jeff Karstens example doesn’t make me feel better. I’m tired of his meltdowns. He doesn’t get a call, someone has an error, and boom, he gives up 4 runs. Glad Yanks have this headcase for another year.

  • Joseph M

    Moose is a 5th starter and should be treated as one. The hope is he’s able to keep you in the game and give you 5 plus innings. He should not have any role in the post season (assuming the Yanks get there) outside of long relief (mop up).

  • Relaunch

    He gets paid well to be a 5th starter. It shouldn’t be too much to ask to keep your team in the game in a pennant race. He just whines, complains, and then melts down

  • Barry

    honestly relaunch, nothing should make you feel better than jeff karstens