• Freddy

    All I have to say about reading that is:


  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    What the Onion didn’t add is that all those Boston guys worked at ESPN.

    (I love btw that Steve Philips still won’t give up. Tho acknowledging that he’s been dead wrong about the Yanks this season, he’s still predicting that the Mariners will beat us to the wc. Steve, newsflash, no matter how many times you claim that the Mariners have the better pitching, we can all read the standings and see that the Yanks have allowed fewer runs, and have also outscored Seattle by 130.)

  • dan

    i love how espn is so often dead wrong about blatantly obvious things involving baseball. steve phillips and joe morgan are usually involved, yet they hold 2 of the highest positions (morgan holding the highest) in espn’s baseball department.

  • dan

    for the record, “box seats suck” was loud enough tonight to be heard on the tv broadcast. obviously i dont know if anyone was thrown out or anything like that

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    “What the fuck can you do?” said Detroit citizen Terry Grey. “Every call. The Yankees get every break, the bounces all go their way. It’s luck. They’re lucky. They’re so fucking lucky.”

    Lucky? So lucky that Carl Pavano had to start Opening day? So lucky that our top rookie pitcher blew out his hammy in the middle of a no htter? So lucky that Willie Bloomquist got called safe even though he was out by a mile (remember that)?

    Yeah luck, just imagine where we’d fucking be without it.

  • dan

    calm down, its not a real article

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    I know it’s not a real article (come on, gimme some credit). But I just can’t stand people that assume the Yanks buy their way into into the playoffs every year and don’t have to work for anything. It drives me up the way.

  • Barry

    I wonder how many bostonians fell of a roof during the 9 of 10 or as they call it the RUUf fucking jackasses. Theres nothing that makes me happier than yankees haters, because wherever you go you’ll meet them, and then you can simply tell them, hey your team sucks, its ok. some people just arent born winners. I love it, that post made my day.