NYT: Edwar on the way back up

Two days; two doubleheaders; four wins for Scranton
If Alex leaves, we will be compensated

Tempting to joke about Edwar taking the D train (Get it? Because his name has no D. HAH!), instead, I’ll just tell you that Tyler Kepner reported today on the Yanks’ plans to recall Ramirez as early as today. My guess is that Jeff Karstens of the 8 ER in 6.1 IP recently will be on the next bus to Scranton when Ramirez arrives in Cleveland.

Two days; two doubleheaders; four wins for Scranton
If Alex leaves, we will be compensated
  • NYFan50

    There’s really not much point. We all know that Torre won’t use him. He’ll just rot on the bench.

  • Count Zero

    I think he’ll get a shot this time…I have a feeling JT has gotten a message from the FO that he is no longer able to ignore.

    I’m actually pretty psyched about the completely different looks Edwar and Joba will bring out of the pen. That’s the kind of stuff that can make your pen really nasty. Now if only they could bring up Britton to replace a departing Farnsworth…

  • Gibb

    it’s actually pretty cool. given the relatively small moves the yankees made around the trade deadline, we’ve done a real good job of (hopefully) fixing some of the major weaknesses of the club. I really like the club we have now (esp. if we could replace farns with britton) and feel good about what this team can do for us.

  • younguns

    Does anyone know if Edwar was able to make improvements to the control of his fastball since he was demoted to AAA last month?

    From what I have read, he currently spots 2 different changeups with exceptional command. Let’s hope he brings his fastball up to speed with his changeups and perhaps add a sinker/2-seamer into the mix.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    Replacing Farns with Britton would be idea. We already have a Farns-type pitcher in the pen; his name is Joba. Except Joba is actually, you know, good.

  • dan

    I think edwar will get more consistent work, but not in a prominent role until mid september. remember, joba will probably be pitching the 7th most of the time. viz has the 8th inning at this point. so the rest of the bullpen work (when not being blown out) will be split between edwar, farns worth and villone with brower probably only working in mop up situations

  • C-Note

    to me it’s one step closer to Farnsy being out of here

    Rivera called out Proctor, Bruney, and Farnsy for having good stuff and not throwing strikes

    2 are gone.

    bags packed Farnsy?

  • Marc

    Is it odd that I am already excited for next season… to have a full year of Phil and Joba, along with edwar, betemit, more cano and melky… possibly Girardi at the helm… odd that we are ina pennant race yet i’m equally excited to see these kids come up and perform and be given full opurtunity to do so.

  • dan

    well not all of them will be given a full opportunity to do so. joba’s pitched 90 innings this year, and they said he’s nearing his innings cap. Not sure how much he pitched against live competition in extended spring training, but lets say he threw around 20 innings (correct me if you know better than I do). so that would put him somewhere around 110 innings so far this year. if he pitches another 15-20 innings in the regular season and about 8-10 in the playoffs (assuming they make it), that makes somewhere around 135 innings for the full season. He’s pitched as many as 118 at nebraska, and pitched 89 last year before being drafted. I dont know how much he pitched in hawaii, but the full season probably didnt exceed 118. If his cap for this year is 135 innings, then next year’s cap is probably 170, meaning he’d start the year getting the phil treatment in scranton to keep his innings down.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    The one thing that bothered me about the ‘pen earlier in the year was that everyone was the same basically. Farns, Bruney, Proctor, Viz…all where guys who throw hard fastballs and tight sliders with control problems.

    If nothing else, Edwar gives them a different look out of the ‘pen. Just imagine having to face that change after having Joba shove 98 down your throat, or vice versa. Could be a devastating combo, now and in the future.

  • ShawnT

    I herd Jobas cap is around 145 for this year, not including playoffs, Joba could potentially be are 5th starter, considering also the other option is Igawa, who cant even pitch in the AAA level. Mike i was curious on your thoughts on just converting Igawa into a lefty specialist, Heck what do we have to lose?

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Kei Igawa would be terrible as a lefty specialist considering how lefties hit him worse. This year, lefties are hitting .314/.400/.514 against Igawa. That doesn’t inspire much confidence.

  • younguns

    Has anyone heard anything lately on the status of J.B. Cox?

    His was great last year, moving up to AA and finishing the season there with an ERA of 1.80

    From what I’ve heard, Cox got into a freaking fight in a bar or something and injured his stupid ass. Was it his shoulder or was it an elbow? I heard he had surgery, but was it the TJ type?

    If he wasn’t injured, I think he would have been promoted to the Bronx by now.

  • ShawnT

    He had Tommy John surgery alonong with Melancon, Humberto Sanchez, chris Garcia