Please give credit where credit is due

SportsNation doubts the Yankees
Game 134: Gunning for a sweep

A copy editor at the Daily News apparently reads RAB. Check out a headline from today:

Ian Kennedy’s shaping up as Yanks’ mini-Mussina

How long has Mike been calling him Mini-Moose? Yeah, thanks for stealing, Mr. Copy Editor. We can’t wait until the media starts calling him IPK.

SportsNation doubts the Yankees
Game 134: Gunning for a sweep
  • Freddy

    I read that article this morning over a bowl of Rice Krispies and thought the same thing. Bastards!!

  • Jersey

    You guys know the post formatting is inconsistent, right?

    • Ben K.

      This is an aside. Much like the asides on the old layout, it displays differently. Large posts get the full treatment. Asides get the aside treatment. I guess we never really made that clear.

      • Jersey

        Aha, didn’t realize that.

  • Mike A.

    Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. Check out the second line in this Pete Abe post.

    • ShawnT

      Yeah but Pete Abe has thing for using full names it was only a matter of time, sometimes he poststhe whole line up using whole names that was kinda foreseen

  • C-Note

    what can you expect from the daily news– the same company that employs professional HACK & Drunk Bill Madden… I would call him the worse sports writer in NYC if he didn’t have so much competition(yes, I’m talking to you Joel Sherman & others)

    would it have killed these papers to recognise in one sentence that a popular Yankee blog has been calling IPK mini-moose for months? would have been the decent thing to do…

    what am I saying, christ, could never expect that— this is the same class act that paid a bribe to illegally get pictures of a dead John Lennon and then put them on the cover

    Gotta love NY sometimes

  • EJ

    Not only that, but they stole the quote about Mussina’s stretch move from