The Robbie and Kim show

Game 134: Gunning for a sweep
Division Title for SWB

Anyone else think that Robinson Cano is totally sleeping with Kim Jones? That post-game interview today pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Update by Joe: Don’t worry. Once Robbie signs a seven-figure deal, he won’t have to sleep with the Kim Jones’s of the world.

If you want to see for yourself, here’s the link. Stupid YES won’t let you embed their YouTube videos.

Game 134: Gunning for a sweep
Division Title for SWB
  • McLovin


  • Count Zero


    And in a similar vein…how about this ESPN Headline:

    Yankees wave magic Wang and sweep Red Sox

  • lil kim jones

    this may be classless, but kim jones’ nipples have a way of poking through absolutely whatever she is wearing. today it was a suit with a shit underneath, and probably a bra. what does she have under there?

    does anyone else notice this?

  • Mike R.

    Chicks dig the long ball.

  • ShawnT

    You now Michael K isn’t aloud to call her lil kim jones no more

  • Mike R.

    I’d like to suggest possible headlines.

    “Schilling can not handle Wang”

    “Yank’s Wang bigger than BoSox Bats”

    “Who is the Yankee ace? Insert Wang Here”

    “Yankees wield powerful Wang”

    • Count Zero

      “Yank’s Wang bigger than BoSox Bats”

      OK — diet coke out the nose there…painful.

    • Jeteupthemiddle

      “No batted balls for Wang?”

  • Dude

    if i was cleverer, i’d add my own.

  • Mike A.

    Nice little note here: the $70M man, JD Drew, is now 1 for 30 at Yankee Stadium as a Red Sock.

    And frankly, I’d be pretty disappointed if Robbie was banging Jones. I’m sure he could at least manage to get some of Jeter’s sloppy seconds.

  • Ben K.

    Welcome to River Ave. Blues, the classiest Yankee Blog around. Because who else but us would have this post tagged as Irresponsible Rumormongering?

    • Mike R.

      Ahhh Ben. Journalism at it’s finest.

  • C-Note

    sorry to break thread but did you hear what Francona said after game– if that young man wanted to get our attention he did…. WTF?????? so it’s been OK for 5 years of target practice on Jeter, Soriano, then 24/7 on A-ROD and he bitches about this? GOD I hate the Sox… so smirking punk ass Beckett drill A-ROD in Boston & both benches get warned– guarrenteed…. really Joe, please, if he’s still on the team use him for a reason, send Farnsy in to DRILL Varatek or Papi in the back with 99 MPH heater, so what if he gets suspended, would be doing us a favor

    back to the tread, lil’ Kim also seems very perky when interviewing Giambi

    Yea, Cano can probably do better but would any of us slobs kick her outta bed?

    Methinks not

    • Joseph P.

      Kick her out of bed I would. A man has to have standards.

      • Mike A.

        Eh, if it came down to it, I’m sure I’d give it a go with Jones. I’d make sure the lights were off though. As the kids say these days, “it’s all the same in the dark.”

        • Joseph P.

          If you’re poking the fire, you’re not looking at the mantle…

  • jake T

    Beckett is a class act….children everywhere should aspire to play the game like him

  • McLovin

    I saw Cano at a Knick game two years ago and he was chillin with some fly hoes. The man’s a straight up pimp.

  • Lil Jimmy Norden

    I didnt see it. I think hes just shy about his English.

  • C-Note

    yea, right Joseph p, whatever whatever

  • Miles Roche

    HEY, MIKE, Can i introduce you to the Jessica Alba’s of the world? Good Lord…