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Answer: Just DFA him
Scott Proctor vs. Barry Bonds

Lots going on at the good ol’ SWB Yanks Blog. It spans a few posts, so I’ll sum it up for you.

  • Chris Britton has been activated from the DL and has been added to the SWB roster.
  • Brett Gardner has been cleared to play and is awaiting activation.
  • Joba is back in Scranton, so it appears he’s not headed to New York this weekend. Then again, with the performance of Farnsworth today, that could change real quick.
  • Jason Giambi will rehab in Scranton starting tomorrow, and will play first base while he’s there.

Plenty of roster moves have to be made at the top three levels of the organization in the next three days. Someone has to get axed for Hughes (guess: Henn, but it could be Bruney), and eventually Giambi (hope: Cairo). There’s also a logjam at AAA, as Joba, Gardner, Basak, and then Henn (or Bruney) have to be added to the roster. Jennings speculates that Ohlendorf could head to Trenton to hone his bullpen game.

Honestly, if they want to bring Joba up, just DFA Kyle and send him through waivers. Yes, I know that handicaps your ability to make a deal; but the mere fact that he’s Kyle Farnsworth already immeasurably handicaps any deal. Just rip it off like a Band-Aid.

It’s just so frustrating to have him in the bullpen while Britton and Ramirez are still in the minors.

Answer: Just DFA him
Scott Proctor vs. Barry Bonds
  • dan

    put igawa at trenton instead of ohlendorf

  • Dude

    ANOTHER perfect ip for Edwar (along with w 2 Ks).

  • Tom

    To make room for Hughes, I just can’t see them demoting Bruney. With losing Proctor, losing Bruney would wipe out pretty much the whole bullpen. Farnsworth will still be there but we all know how much he can be counted on.