Scott Proctor vs. Barry Bonds

Updates on the injured
Scranton bullpen: 9 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 7 K

It’s late on the East Coast, but the West Coast is still enjoying live baseball. I see Grady Little is mirroring Joe Torre’s patterns as our old friend Scott Proctor is on the hill for the Dodgers for the second night in a row. With one out and runner on second, Barry Bonds, who hit home run number 749 off of Proctor, came to the plate. Proctor intentionally walked him. So Scotty, who I pegged as the victim for 755, dodgers that bullet.

Update: Scotty is showing why the Yanks traded him. He faced four batters, got one out, gave up a run and is leaving the game with runners on the corners. Good luck with that one, Grady.

Updates on the injured
Scranton bullpen: 9 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 7 K
  • Stuart

    a leopard usually cannot change his spots. guys like Proctor, Bruney (even at 25), farnsworth, are hard throwing straight moving fastball guys and that is it..

    Verlander throws 99 but he has numerous pitches with a good offspeed pitch. the 3 guys I mentioned have bad off speed pitches so hitters do not repsect that pitch so they long fastball only or in Bruneys case he just cannot get the fastball over the plate…

    Betemit is a good trade the problem is he will not be used much but he is under there control for a few yrs, and will be a good utility player.

    think of the difference in power between him and Cairo.. Cairo may be moving on in about a week.

  • Joseph P.

    Stuart, don’t even get me started on Verlander. The dude is absolutely sick in almost every way.

    And to think, he and Curtis Granderson were nearly traded for Dontrelle Willis two years ago. Bet Larry Beinfest doesn’t go to sleep at night without thinking about that one.

  • Mike

    Verlander & Granderson for Dontrelle? I wonder if people would still be kissing Dave Dombrowski’s ass like they do now if he OKed that deal.

    Verlander is a very interesting case. He throws 99 with a sick curve, but has only struck out 6.82 batters per 9 IP in his career. You’d think guys like that would rack up about 9 K/9, but whatever, it’s obviously working for him.

    The difference between Verlander and guys like Proctor, Farnsowrth & Bruney is the mindset. Verlander goes right after batters and pounds the zone; here it is, hit it. With that kind of stuff, why wouldn’t you do that?

    The Yanks’ 3 try to the hit the corners, and constantly falling behind counts because of it. It’s the law of the baseball land, if you don’t challenge hitters, you don’t succeed.

  • Ben K.

    Keith Law mentioned the Verlander Granderson for Willis in a recent post of his on ESPN. He wrote, “The best time to trade Willis was last winter, or perhaps two years ago when the Tigers offered a package with Justin Verlander and Curtis Granderson in it.”

    That the Marlins turned down that offer is ludicrous.