• NYFan50

    That was a frustrating inning, for sure. I just don’t see a DFA in his future, though. They’ll make a trade through waivers for nothing useful.

  • Mike

    Well, at least Gagne got touched up for a run in his BoSox debut.

  • Mike R.

    We should Proctor him.

    Proctor – v. The action of stuffing an article or articles in a large container and setting it/them on fire.

  • mg

    LOL, nice Mike.

  • JS

    Mike, he signed a personal services contract. Why not make him sell peanuts in the stands?

    Incidentally, let’s take another look at the Gagne trade. At first, when I heard this, it worried the hell out of me because it seems like the Sox have virtually guaranteed that if they have the lead after the 6th inning that the game is over because Okajima, Gagne and Papelbon aren’t going to give up any runs. I thought about hiding under my desk until November or moving to Cuba because at least they have good cigars. But, I was curious, so I went and looked up the Sox box scores this year and figured out that (as of 7/31/07) when the Sox are leading at the end of the 6th inning that their record is 55-2 — that’s a 96.49% winning percentage. And that’s BEFORE they got Gagne.

    Granted, that doesn’t include games where the Sox were trailing at the end of 6 innings, or games where the score was tied after 6 innings, and because the Sox pen held down the opponent enough so that the Sox could win from the 7th through the 9th innings. It also doesn’t include games where they were losing after 6 innings and the pen allowed even more runs to score where Gagne would have kept the Sox in the game. But the Sox were leading after 6 innings in 55 of their 64 overall wins. (In other words 85.93% of the Sox wins were decided by the end of the 6th at least in terms of who ultimately won). So Gagne gets them, what, 2 wins in the regular season and 1 postseason win? So I have three questions:

    1. How much can the Sox improve on their 96.49% current chance of winning when they have a lead after 6 innings? Yes, the sarcastic answer is 3.51%. But can any team ever go to 100% really? None of those guys have a 0.00 ERA after all.

    2. If the Sox do go to 100% — they don’t lose another single game the rest of the season after leading at the end of the 6th inning — will that really have an impact on the division championship anyway? They’ve probably sewn that up after all.

    3. Lastly, the Sox traded three guys….I’ve read accounts describing those guys as “crappy” to “marginal major leaguers” to “one servicable pitcher and two question marks” to “a hefty price” …..I don’t know much about Gabbard, Murphy or Engle Beltre. Gabbard was a somewhat respectable 4-0 with a 3.73 ERA in the big leagues, but that’s a small sample size…..Is 25 innings of a soon-to-be-free agent who wants to close worth that? Gagne literally hits the free agent market after this season and he’s not going to be a set-up guy.

    There’s a 90% chance that Gagne won’t resign with the Sox (He might if Pabs goes back to the rotation though). Anyway, I suppose if the Sox win the World Series, and you can relate that to Gagne (for instance if he pitches 14 scoreless innings in the post-season), then it will be a great trade for them. If they win the division, get bounced in the playoffs and Gagne signs elsewhere then it’s still not a bad deal as long as the players they gave up don’t pan out. Obviously if they win the division, get bounced in the playoffs, Gagne signs elsewhere and one of those players turns into John Smoltz then it’s a terrible trade.

    Also, it may not be that Gabbard, Murphy or Engle Beltre don’t do anything in the major league careers, but because they’ve been traded then next year if the Sox want to make a deal they will either be in a position where they have to trade real blue chip prospects or they can’t make the deal … maybe that’s the real price.

    What do you think?

  • dan

    wow JS. While gagne won’t help them as much as people may think, they did block him from getting to the yankees.

    also, no one has mentioned that gagne this year (since becoming a reliever full-time in 2002) has a career-worst BB/9, career-worst K/9 (and therefore worst K/BB, too). so the ERA looks good right now, but is being supported by a .244 BABIP (career .282) and an 84.3% LOB% (career 76.6%). While I’d love to have him pitching the 8th inning for the yankees, he’s not the same pitcher he was 3 years ago, and if his luck regresses, boston fans might not be as happy as they are now

  • The Scout

    Was I mistaken or was Farnsworth SMILING as he walked off the field after the 8th inning today?

    Gotta love the competitive fire that burns within!

  • Malcard89

    JS, dont forget, not only do they get 2 months of gagne, but also a supplemental first round pick (and a first rounder too, if he’s a type A free agent). thats a sweet deal imo.

  • Dude

    CAN gagne be a type A? assuming about 20 ip the rest of 07, that will make just about 70 ip in his last 3 years. that doesn’t seem enough to make a type A.

    and does Betemit have POWER or what?

  • randolf

    They should have a Farnsworth voodoo doll night at the stadium.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    Dammit. I just thanked Mike R in another thread for the first comment of the day that made me laugh. But it appears that Randolf’s comment came first.

    Tis a good day for my sense of humor.

  • Travis

    Kyle Farnsworth should be traded straight up for Anna Benson.

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