Yanks waive good bye to Myers

That took long enough
So Joba finally allowed a baserunner

Courtesy of Peter Abraham comes the fantastic news that Mike Myers has been designated for assignment. Myers had one role on the Yanks, and he just wasn’t doing it well. After today’s debacle, lefties are hitting .312 (24 for 77) against Myers, and with Ron Villone actually pitching serviceably for the Yanks, Myers was expendable. While the corresponding move may be to activate Jason Giambi tomorrow, I would expect that Joba Chamberlain may find himself in the Yankee pen sooner rather than later.

Update: Newday reports that Jim Brower will join the Yankees to replace Myers. Brower, 34, is a reliever with experience in parts of 8 Major League seasons. At AAA, he’s thrown 43.2 innings, nailing 40 Ks and pitching to an ERA of 1.65. With this move, there’s no way Miguel Cairo is still on the team after Giambi is activated.

Update by Joe: Ah, but the Post reports that Joba will be activated this afternoon to take Myers’s spot. We’ll clear this one up once it’s made official.

That took long enough
So Joba finally allowed a baserunner
  • Stuart

    Newsday said Brower coming up..

    they need minimum 2 new pen arms..

    no way Joba is going thru this audition and will not be brought up no friggin way…

    Cairo should pack the bags also if Giambi comes back, Cairo must go.. They do not need him at present…

    If DUncan gets sent down I will be pissed.. He mu=ight turn into Kevin Maas but at present he is arighty bat against tough lefties whom they do not exactly kill…

  • Marc

    if cash holds on to cairo i would love to ask him what purpose he serves on this team? does he really have any role on this roster even as its currently constructed nevermind when giambi comes back.. what a waste.. nice smiley guy. does a decent job but he has zero role on this team with betemit here. not to mention philips is capable of providing emergency relief at second and third.

  • D


    The Post is claiming Joba is already with the team and is going to be activated in time for the game this afternoon…

  • http://www.pinstripealley.com John

    Re: Cairo
    If Jeter is banged up as badly as Pete A’s letting on, they might think they need both Cairo and the WB on the roster.
    I won’t be happy about it, but I’ll understand.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    I think I’m far less understanding, John, unless the plan is to have Shelley on the postseason roster and nix Cairo at least at that point.

  • Mike

    Even though he didn’t do his job against lefties, Myers took the ball whenever asked and gave the team a ton of innings earlier in the year when the rotation was in shambles. I suspect the players will vote him a full share of playoff/ALCS/WS money if they get to that point.

    I wonder how long Torre knew this move was going to be made, because he used Myers in the last 4 games and 5 of the last 6. Could this have been another situation like Proctor’s suspension earlier in the year, when Torre ran him out there for an inning-plus day after day knowing he’d get a break during the suspension?

    Either Brower or Joba would be an upgrade, although I suspect Torre’s hoping to get the Experienced Veteran™ in Brower (he closed for SF after Benitez tore his hammy a few years back). If it’s Joba – and I think we are all hoping it is – then Cashman better mandate some sort of usage pattern, etc so that Torre doesn’t let him rust away.

    FYI – I was at the game Saturday, and that was the loudest I’ve ever heard the stadium. The whole experience was just unreal.

  • C-Note

    the NY Post is saying JOBA is getting the call up, but I sniffed around and they are the only source for it so far, nothing on the Yankees.com – they still have Myers on the 25 man roster which obviously he is not

  • Mike

    LoHud says it’s Brower.

  • Colter

    I’ve said it before, a Brower call up will cancel out a Joba call-up because, well, the manager is retarded. If he has Brower then he won’t pitch Joba, it’s as simple as that. Hopefully Brower is a short term(like one day) thing and Torre won’t have them at the same time.
    Why hasn’t the Torre/Cashman rift gotten more attention? It’s a big story and Goldman is the only one who is covering it. Does Joe really have that much of a strangle hold over the media in this town? I’ve seen many bloggers questioning, ‘if they have Britton and Ramirez, why do they continue to pitch Farnsworth and Myers?’ but they don’t take the next logical step and place the blame where it lies, with Torre. TORRE IS WHY THEY, BRITTON AND RAMIREZ, HAVE STAYED IN THE MINOR LEAGUES FOR SO LONG WHILE THE MAJOR LEAGUE PEN HAS FLOUNDERED! TORRE WON”T DO WHAT THE FRONT OFFICE WANTS HIM TO DO! TORRE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MUCH OF THE SHITTY SEASON THEY’RE HAVING SO FAR.
    In case there was any doubt.