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Almost as rare as Big Foot
Yanks waive good bye to Myers

From the Blackberry, it’s quick hits from today’s win…

  • So 500. That’s good. The Yanks rolled while ARod struggled a bit but this team is primed for a huge August.
  • Phil Hughes struggled a bit but that is as expected. He fared this poorly during his debut a few months back. He was clearly nervous, and based on the obvious excpectations, I don’t blame him. Expect a good start next Friday against Cleveland. This kid’s got some future.
  • Why is Kyle Farnsworth still around? He couldn’t even pitch well in a nine-run game. Dump him please. You gotta believe the boos are getting to him too.
  • Luis Vizcaino in.a 16-7 game? Really, Joe? Come on.
  • That Proctor-for-Betemit deal looks better each day. I have to give Cashman props too. He turned a huge liability – the bench – into a strength with the additions of Duncan, Molina and Betemit in July. With Giambi coming back, the bench will get even stronger when Damon enters the anticpated platoon.
  • With the Tigers down as I write, the Yanks could be 1.5 games out of the Wild Card before the night is over. Not bad, eh?
Almost as rare as Big Foot
Yanks waive good bye to Myers
  • Malcard89

    Something really bugged me about Phil Hughes. His velocity dropped off BIG TIME his 3rd time through the order. in the first inning, he was anywhere from 92-94, but in the 4th-5th inning, he was 86-88, with only 2 pitches going above 88 (which were 89 and 90). i have to worry that the minor league treatment of our prime prospects and their 5 inning limits (Hughes, Chamberlain and Kennedy) is a major flaw, because these guys have literally never gone passed the 6th inning except for very few times here and there. i hope the silver lining is this major dropoff in velocity sounds to me like Hughes will finally learn this year how to pitch deep into games and sustain arm strength throughout the season, and next year, he can be an innings eating monster with even better strikeout numbers than now.

  • zack

    I wouldn’t worry about the velocity. The combination of the funky Yes gun, still building arm strength, and throwing a lot of pitches is gonna do that. Back in the Texas game he was sitting 92-94 ALL GAME…

    The velocity question seems to come up the most with Hughes, but Phil himself talks about how he doesn’t actually pitch with the velocity he is capable of-thus, the pinpoint control, when on

  • Mike A.

    Velocity drop off & pitches flattening out after his 80th pitch? But, but…I thought 80 pitch/5 IP limits are supposed to turn your pitching prospects in 7 innings a game/240 IP a year horses. Right? Right???

  • Barry

    so why exactly is damon still a Yankee?

  • kris

    Somebody is impersonating Mike. Even I can tell.

  • kris

    Give Phil a break. He is 21, for crying out loud. He was probably too excited/tense about making it back and wore himself out. As long as he is not injured, the speed as well as endurance will be back.

  • Dude

    re: Phil, he pitched an almost identical game in his 1st start vs. Toronto back in April, and the no-no came next. maybe it’s just nerves. i predict a better game from him friday.

    also, another dominating outing from Joba: 2 ip, 1 h, 0 r, 0 bb, 5 k!

    how soon until he’s called up and Farnsy it put on waivers?

  • CLT_JR

    Any see that Sardinha is raking again? He almost made the team out of Spring Training. Although he struggled at AAA and was demoted to AA, it looks like he needs to be moved back up after hitting 425, 4 Hrs and 15 RBIs in 11 games. I can not wait to hear Michael Kay try to say his middle name, Kiheimahanaomauiakeo!!

  • CLT_JR

    Sorry! I did not mean to imply this year…. in the future.

  • DKA

    I wouldn’t worry a bit about Phil. We gave Wang all sorts of slack when he struggled coming back from injury earlier this year. A 21 year-old rookie wonderkid is going to need a whole lot more slack than that.

    He looked downright dominant in the first two innings. Once this kid gets enough major league experience under his belt, dear lord….

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Phil was just rusty. He’ll be fine.

  • Marc

    In the second inning, i thought Hughes looked about as good as ive seen but he really makes me think of Joe Blanton minus the fat. Maybe i expect too much of young Franchise or maybe i read Steve Lombardi too often but he just looks like a poor mans Dan Haren. He’s just soo young but his arm doesnt make me think Bonderman or Prior, but rather John Maine. Speaking of John Maine… and Hughes are the only two pitchers i’ve ever seen baffle hitters with mediocre fastballs. I don’t really know what late life looks like but Phil must have it because the 93-95 i heard about for 2 years doesn’t seem to exist. Also, Mike, I did some research and theres a site that has flash videos of pitchers and their deliveries slowed down… wow. lincecum and his 2 step.. but about Hughes, they seem to show a change in his arm position between the futures game last year and this year… as his arm is mroe 3/4 now than it was then and they believe that could be that is lowering his velocity.

  • Marc
  • Marc

    One more point on Phil… did you see how much run his ball had in the 5th… Like.. the homer that dejesus his on the 88mph fastball that was up and ran to the middle of the plate… Maybe the decrease velocity and large amoutn of ground ball outs is because he throws mroe 2 seamers than 4 seamers… I mean.. by the end of his outing when eh was opening up he was doing his best Farnsworth imitation in that his fastball had a ton of run from left or right which is indicative of a 2 seamer… fjust a thought.