Yet another poorly-managed game against the Angels

Phil goes home
Kyle is killing me

So Luis Vizcaino tells Joe Torre his arm is sore and can’t pitch on Sunday. The next day, Torre brings in Vizcaino to face the Angels — a team against which he matches up poorly — and, lo and behold, Viz allows both inherited runners to score and gives up another one on top of that. From pitch-outs to sending the runners in bad situations, Torre is managing the Yanks to yet another loss against the Angels. Maybe I’ll be wrong in two innings but this sure is frustrating as hell.

Update: Hip Hip Jorge!

Phil goes home
Kyle is killing me
  • Stuart

    who else could he go to? Joba is not available.. WHo Kyle???

    thejoba and Kyle inflexibility hurts.

    Joba threw 9 pitches yesterday………..

  • Ben K.

    Edwar. Someone who matches up against the Angels better. Viz vs. the Angels isn’t inspiring.

  • NYFan50

    Didn’t Edwar pitch 2 innings yesterday? Not saying Vizcaino is a better choice, but Edwar might be tired.

  • NYFan50

    Wow, Betemit just made a hell of a play. Man if they get out of this inning without giving up a run that would be amazing.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I’m glad you mentioned the pitchout Ben. That just killed me. You’ve got a nervous 21 yr old rookie out there, playing in his hometown in front of friends and family, and you pitchout to put him in a 1-0 hole late in the game. Oh, and the kid’s already walked 4 and has struggled with his command. Brilliant stategy. Does managing against Mike Scioscia turn every opposing manager into a dickhead who overthinks things. I look forward to Torre throwing over to first 20 times in an atbat tomorrow in emulation of Scioscia as well

  • Rich

    You’re funny Ben, your Torre hatred makes you irrational at times.

    You don’t want Vizcaino to pitch but you want Ramirez to pitch the day after he threw 2 innings? Who would pitch in the 7th after Hughes let the first 2 guys on? Keep Hughes in? Bring in Vallone? Henn? Who?

  • Rob – CT

    Seriously, if a pitcher actually comes to the manager and requests a day off because his arm is sore or tired, just to be safe, you’d think Torre would give him 2 days off, but no, of course not, first chance he gets he calls on him. Typical frustrating Torre – who arguably might be the worst bullpen manager in the league.
    On top of that, we all understand that Chamberlain is one of the keys to the future, the near future, and he is almost on a personal high for innings pitched, and that’s why he is on strict rules, but he only threw 9 pitches on Sunday, as many of you noted. Is there any doubt in your mind that every Yankee in that dugout and on the field would have liked to see him get the call in that spot, not only because of his dominance so far, but because the situation itself was a great test.
    Too bad.
    That feels like one of those games they should have won, especially considering the 2 clutch homers by A-Rod and Posada. Also, I thought Hughes battled pretty good and deserved better.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    im sorta feeling “meh” with hughes lately. you think he’s pitching hurt?

  • Ben K.

    Yeah, Rich, it’s not that I don’t want Vizcaino to pitch. It’s that when he says his arm is sore, then I would probably give him more than a day off. Edwar was warming up during the game, so he was available to pitch. In that situation, you need a strike out. I’d probably have gone with Ramirez there.

  • I have fleas (Itch Me)

    How many times this year are we going to be in this situation? How many times have we been in it and the bullpen blows it? How many times has Joe Torre managed us to a loss?

    Mariano is not and never will be again the dominant closer he was the past decade. He has proven more often than not, that he is aging. If this team wants a playoff spot or a division, they have no choice but to lighten up the rules for Joba.

    ALthough I am not comfortable with Mo on the mound anymore, I mean all season — minus a few games — he has barely got out of trouble. Still, I would have kept him in another inning. I would not have pitched Henn, no way in hell.

    my advice, bring up Ian K. and use him the same way we are using Joba. We don’t have much of a choice.

    Next year is Steinbrenner is still alive and active with say-so, we won’t see Torre. I don’t know why people think Torre is a good manager, maybe he was once but he has practically been falling asleep in the dugout! The most lively he has been all year is recently when he was sitting in the box serving his suspension. Really sad. This team needs fire and they are not getting it from Torre and his micro-managing.