Aiming for an AL East crown

A prize for the Fan-on-the-Field caption contest
Game 151: Seriously, these are the freakin' Orioles

When the Yanks take the field tonight, they will be just 3.5 games behind Boston and 3 out on the loss side. They haven’t been this close to the division lead since April, but it won’t be easy to catch that crown (and those games Tampa Bay blew last week loom large).

But the Yankees do hold something of a trump card if the improbable happens. With their victory on Sunday, the Yanks clinched the season series against the Red Sox. A tie atop the AL East hands the division title – and home field advantage should those teams meet again – to the Yankees.

Now, with two weeks left in the season, the Red Sox have 11 games left: 2 @ Toronto; 3 @ Tampa Bay; 2 vs. Oakland; 4 vs. Minnesota. The Yankees have 12 games left: 2 vs. Baltimore; 4 vs. Toronto; 3 @ Tampa Bay; 3 @ Baltimore. What needs to happen for the Yanks to tie?

If the Red Sox go…then the Yanks have to go…

Right now, on paper, it’s not impossible. The Red Sox face better teams than the Yanks do. But these better teams have struggled lately, and the Yanks aren’t the greatest against their three division opponents.

But things are looking up for the Yanks. Yesterday, CoolStandings had the Yanks winning the division 6.5 percent of the time. Today, it shot up to 12 percent. As we all know, in baseball, anything can happen. It sure would be great to catch the Red Sox even if it would take a minor miracle. Or at least a major slump.

A prize for the Fan-on-the-Field caption contest
Game 151: Seriously, these are the freakin' Orioles
  • Relaunch

    Highly unlikely. Lets say the Sox are just average (5-6 or 6-5), Yanks would have to win either 9 or 10 games. With their track record against the next 3 opponents, I doubt it.

    I would be interested to see what the numbers are for the Yanks to clinch the WC.

    • Tom

      They are basically the same thing except for reversed, which is good news.

      • Relaunch

        That makes sense. I feel like an idiot for even asking that now!

  • bart

    but if the yankees can get the next 4 and the sawx go 2-2 –

    the momemtum – the pressure is the next game — if the sox right the ship they can breathe — look at the mets for an example of a death spiral that seemed to start from nowhere

    – and the sawxx are beat up and reeling and maybe feeling the pressure for the first time—

    one game at a time — hopefully JT does not resort to any house money lineups

    and ARod has yo stop trying to hitr his 61st home run in his next AB —
    Last time he was in the slump he went to RF and he needs to do it again

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