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The good ol' days
Mets beating Yanks in stadium game

Fashion designer Marc Ecko paid over $700,000 for the Barry Bonds 756 home run ball because hey, free advertising. Now he’s putting its fate up for a vote. You can opt to bestow it to the Hall of Fame; brand it with an asterisk and then send it to the Hill; or ship it to the moon. So go vote here.

The good ol' days
Mets beating Yanks in stadium game
  • Marsha

    And Ben K. always listens to his mother.

    • Ben K.

      Only on off days.

  • Marsha

    Just voted for the asterisk. Over 3,647,802 votes so far.

  • Mike A.

    Come on people, do the right thing and vote to send the ball to the HOF, unbranded. Like it or not, it’s a major part of history, and it deserves to be there. Let each individual decide how they view the record, don’t brand it and make their decision for them.

    This is just as disgraceful as Barry’s probable steroid use.

    • John

      I’ve got to disagree.
      But I wouldn’t send it to Cooperstown. I’d mail it straight to Bud Selig.
      He ignored the issue in the beginning, and his whole handling of the record was shameful. He ought to be reminded of that every single day for the rest of his life.

    • Joseph P.


    • Count Zero

      I also disagree — I voted for the asterisk.

      The controversy itself is “part of history” as you put it. Placing the ball in the HOF with the asterisk is a tangible acknowledgement of the controversy surrounding the record and the entire period in MLB history. People viewing it 100 years from now will see the asterisk and ask why it’s there. Which is wholly appropriate IMO.

      Disgraceful is just pretending it never happened. It would be like leaving all mention of the Black Sox Scandal out of the HOF.

  • Freddy

    Yea…send it to Selig. He turned a blind eye to steroids in 98 when the McGwire/Sosa cheat-fest chase was bringing more fans back to baseball. Everytime he looks at the ball, he’ll be reminded of the damage he has done to the game. This ball symbolizes the tarnishing of sports’ greatest record. And it also symbolizes his legacy as commishioner.

  • Mike NYY

    Brand it and send it to the Hall. Its a piecve of history an belongs in the hall but the asterik will be a reminder of how it happened.

  • ETD

    You can vote on 755 as well: