Game 136: The trifecta is complete

Quick notes on Sept. call-ups
Near no-no for Scranton

By the time you read this, I’ll be well on my way to TR 18, Row F, to watch Ian Patrick Kennedy make his Major League debut. Unlike Joba, Kennedy’s debut won’t come with fireworks. He’s a solid pitcher who relies on control and deception to get outs and keep hitters off balance. He profiles to a very solid number three starter in the Big Leagues, and right now, that’s all the Yanks need.

So discuss away, and hopefully the Yanks can win. They have to start winning on days when the Sox and Mariners lose. Maybe today could be that day.

1. Melky Cabrera, CF
2. Derek Jeter, SS
3. Bobby Abreu, RF
4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
5. Hideki Matsui, LF
6. Jason Giambi, DH
7. Robinson Cano, 2B
8. Andy Phillips, 1B
9. Jose Molina, C

And on the mound, making his Major League debut, number 36, Ian Patrick Kennedy.

Quick notes on Sept. call-ups
Near no-no for Scranton
  • zack

    No surprise that Steve L. has decided that Hughes “doesn’t have it” and hasn’t showed “anything”. zzzzzz.

    Last night really made me think that his mechanics are a bit off or his hammy/ankle isn’t 100%, neither of which will be addressed until the offseason. Bad control and a flat curve is not what you would normally say about Hughes…

  • John

    The trouble is, they also have to win on days that the Sox and M’s win.

  • Wordekemper = Wizard

    Go Innings Pitched(?) Kennedy. It’s amazing given what’s going on with Hughes and Chamberlain at the moment that we really need Kennedy to be pretty good. Kind of a shame those two guys may not be able to fully enjoy his performance.

    Don’t like wondering this because I have all the hope in the world for Hughes, but if Kennedy pitches really solid, I wonder if Mussina will “spell” Hughes for a round in the rotation and it gets all musical chairs-like until the postseason, at which time we could have that fourth pitcher be whomever is pitching best between Hughes/Kennedy/Moose. Assuming we make it.

  • marc

    I’m sticking with Mr Lombardi until Phil shows me otherwise… and Its not his results that worry me but rather his stuff and delivery. I HOPE he turns out to be what we all hope for but til i see otherwise ill remain skeptical.. if the twins want him for johan. gimme gimme gimme

  • marc

    man i can’t wait to see the rants and backward comments i get for that one.

  • marc

    for the record i really really hope he proves me wrong. in fact i would love it

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    Kevin Thompson designated for assignment.


    • Joseph P.


  • Joseph P.

    Excellent first by IPK.

  • Mike R.


    Can you give us a recap of IPK’s performance inning by inning? Help an out of area brother out.

  • yankeefan

    wow kennedy has the same velocity as hughes

  • Marc

    IPK comes just as advertised.. good command. decent stuff. good lookin 3-4 starter. if he can log 200 innings he would be very valuable

  • Chuck M.

    I keep hearing people say that Kenndy projects as a “number three or number four starter”. I’m not sure what that means. I guess it means that he won’t be a “Number One” like Johan Santana or Clemens / Maddux in their primes. Who is a “typical” number three starter?

    I mean, are we talking Jimmy Key? David Wells? Jeff Suppan?

    What are the statistics of your typical #3 starter? Andy Pettitte, early career – 200IP, league average ERA?

    I don’t know about you guys, but I would love to have pitchers for the Yankees that could do that.

    • dan

      hes probably gonna end up like what mike mussina was for most of the last 10-15 years, except for this year obviously. 200+ innings, mid to high 3 ERA, around a 3 K/BB ratio. I think he’ll walk slightly more than mussina did, simply because mussina was walking an inhuman number of batters for a solid decade. I think at worst, a healthy ian kennedy is similar to someone like freddy garcia.

      General question: I’ve never heard this comparison, but it keeps popping up in my head…. what about Tim Hudson as a comp? IPK doesnt have the splitter, but i think their peripherals and pitching styles are comparable.

      Thoughts on Roy Oswalt as another comp?

  • Marc

    Joe blanton? livan henrnadez? miguel batista? jame shields? jon lieber? javy Vazquez (lol)?, current day maddux?

  • Ben K.

    Anyone else wondering why the Viz is pitching in a six-run game here? The folks around me at the stadium sure are. Save those bullets for the games against Seattle.

  • barry

    awesine game, he looked like a veteran out there. Next year’s rotation?
    Pettitte, Wang, joba, hughes, kennedy? that would be cool. then again they could sign another kei igawa or yet another carl pavano, that would add some suspense to things.

  • Stylez

    Doubt it cause they’ll still have the ghost of Kei, and the invincible Pavano….

  • barry

    igawa won’t be starting as a yankee next year, pavano just got operated on so how do figure hes invincible.

    • Mike A.

      I do believe he was being sarcastic with regards to calling Pavano “invincible.”

  • barry

    either that or he still thinks pavano will be pitching next season. If I see Igawa in pinstripes again Idk what i’ll do.

  • Ramadan

    Kennedy looks like Mark Prior without the heat. Same delivey and sox with great location. I like this kid because i expect a 91 mph fastball and i get it.