Quick notes on Sept. call-ups

GCL Yanks win Gulf Coast League Title
Game 136: The trifecta is complete

From The Post:

With rosters expanding to 40 men today, the Yankees will call up 1B Doug Mientkiewicz, who has missed 82 games to a fractured right wrist, INF Alberto Gonzalez , who came over in the Randy Johnson trade, and RHP Jose Veras. They will add more pitchers in a few days.

I also hear they’re calling up some kid named Ian Kennedy. In all seriousness, I’m a bit surprised Veras got the call, he was a prime DFA target for me. Next year when they need a 40-man spot for Kevin Whelan or David Robertson, I suppose. The Yanks actually need to clear 2 spots on the 40-man so that Mink & Veras can come off the 60-day DL, and I’m dying to see how they work this out (bye bye Sean Henn!).

Good to see the Former Attorney General up, he can really pick it with the glove, and won’t totally embarass himself with the bat, a la Miggy Cairo. Expect Kevin Thompson to come up one of these days too. I would have loved to see Brett Gardner come up for pinch-run/pinch-bunt/late inning-D role, but it’s not going to happen. Like they did last year with Hughes, Clippard & JB Cox, I think the Yanks will bring some kids up (probably Alan Horne, Whelan & Ross Ohlendorf) and have them shag flies during BP, hang out in the clubhouse, then watch the game from the stands just to get their feet wet.  

Quick guess at the pitchers they’ll call-up: TJ Beam, Matt DeSalvo, Kei Igawa & Jeff Karstens, all after the Triple-A playoffs. Don’t be surprised if Chase Wright comes up just to have a lefty available.

GCL Yanks win Gulf Coast League Title
Game 136: The trifecta is complete
  • http://SportingGurus.com Adam

    DeSalvo? Hmph.

  • Wordekemper = Wizard

    Veras has been pretty good lately, right? A lot better than Rossy O. And Torre is familiar with him, which always counts for something. I am happy to see a real shortstop called up; does make you wonder if Jeets will get a couple more games off. It would be a good sign if down the road we had Betemit and Gonzalez starting a game on the left side (or a really bad sign if we were totally out).

  • Richard G.

    Well, so much for Thompson being recalled. Surprising move.

    Mike, Veras was activated from the DL and placed back on the 40 man over 2 weeks ago and optioned to Scranton. I know mlb.com still shows him on the 60 Day DL, but that’s not accurate. Keven Reese was DFA’d at the time to make room for him on the 40 man, so no additional move is requred today.