Red Sox security forces worse than the Boston bullpen

Cops blocking the Yankee Stadium subway exits
Game 150: Avoiding the inevitable let-down

While some Red Sox fans are less than thrilled with Shelley Duncan’s classless-but-hilarious autograph, the Fenway Faithful managed to out-class (or is that out-classless?) the Yankees. And the stadium security forces weren’t much better.

Yesterday, during the Seventh Inning, after Eric Hinske doubled, a Boston fan ran onto the field, stole Robinson Cano‘s hat, tried to high-five Hinske and was finally, mercifully tackled in the outfield by security. In an age when we have to worry about fans attacking base coaches, how did this guy manage to get to second base, steal a hat off a player and find his way into the outfield before the obligatory security pile-on? That’s pretty terrible work by the Red Sox’s security forces.

But righteous outrage aside, Yankee fans can have some fun with this one. Below is the photo of the fan being tackled. Your job? Caption it. Leave your responses in the comments and we’ll do something with our favorite choices. Maybe we’ll all vote on it. The winner gets undying recognition and unconditional love.

Cops blocking the Yankee Stadium subway exits
Game 150: Avoiding the inevitable let-down
  • Casper

    In a surprising moment of clarity, an inebriated Townie argues that Damon was, indeeed, safe at first.

    • Sammy Sutton

      its a shame that the red sox arent as bad as their security

      • Sammy Sutton

        its a shame security intercepted the yankee fan cause he was after farnsworth and igawa

  • Mike R.

    Now playing…ing…ing. In Left Field…field…field. Dipstick Douchebag…Douchebag.

  • Mike R.

    “I’m flying Jack!”

    • Mike A.

      I just got the joke. Hah.

      • Ben K.

        1997 called to remind you of its movies.

        • Mike R.

          I strongly believe in refernce humor…and full disclosure…I hated Titanic

  • usty

    “Oh no, grass stains on my new khakis! Mom’s gonna kill me!!”

  • Adam

    It’s Tyler Clippard!

  • usty

    Even being tackled, Sully was still less of a defensive liability than Manny…

  • Mike A.

    How dare Shelley Duncan sign my little brother’s autograph “Red Sox Suck”!

  • Mike R.

    Just one more unfunny moment in the career of Dane Cook.

    • Joseph P.


      • Jake T

        best one by far

  • Randy L

    You Cano do this and get away with it!

  • JS

    The Return of Ed Grimley — Thinking that “Joba Chamberlain seems like a fairly decent man, ya know, much like Pat Sajack” Ed Grimley became mental and burst on the playing field during the Yanks win in Fenway.

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  • steve

    “i told you i’m not giving you these white jeans”

    “come on man, those are wicked! let me have them”

  • Wordewizard

    Matt DeSalvo’s love partner delivers intense message just short of bullpen

  • Wordewizard

    Jacoby Ellsbury attempts to do anything Johnny Damon can do: even if it means wearing Yankee gear in left field.

    • James Varghese

      That was pretty good!

  • Wordewizard

    Borat in distress after Eric Hinske of the Toronto Jay Sox refuses hi-five advances.

  • Wordewizard

    Carmen Angelini unlikely to assume Derek Jeter’s crown after mistakenly taking Cano’s.

  • Wordewizard

    Cano you di’int

  • Styles

    And now introducing the most talked about yankee in history…………………………………….. HARLAN CHAMBERLAIN!

  • Adam A

    Isn’t that Joba’s dad? Lol, WOW…..

    Personally he looks like Jimmy Fallon

  • Eric Schultz


  • JP

    “Ruben Rivera’s accomplice gets nabbed at last!”

    • ShawnT

      That was awesome deff should be put up

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  • Alex

    Here’s a few

    “And so Red Sox Nation gets its revenge by stealing a Yankee hat.”

    “Just because you’re being tackled doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look sharp.”

    “Dammit! The Red Sox DO NOT SUCK!”

    “Fever Pitch 2: Fallon’s Revenge” or “Fever Pitch 2: Fallon Hat Fiasco”

  • Mike

    Grease Lightning, go Grease Lightning!!

  • Freddy

    Keanu Reeves…whoa.

  • Mike A.

    It’s just Sully being Sully!

  • Cam

    “Dude, the E is totally kicking in! Lift me up so I can fly!!”

  • Wang Fan

    Tired of the futility of his efforts, Theo Epstein makes a dash to join the “Evil Empire”, before John Henry tackled him and hauled him back.

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  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I don’t have no friggin laptops!

    • Mike A.

      Effing brilliant!

    • dan

      i think we got a winner over here

  • John

    “I’m sure I’m faster than Dave Roberts…”

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I’ve got a delivery for a Mr. 38pitches? His standing homegame order, a dozen maple-cheddar breakfast sandwiches? Hey wait, what are you doing?

  • Kevin

    “Sorry buddy, but the punishment for wearing a Yankees cap at Fenway is… ATOMIC WEDGIE!!!”

  • Count Zero

    Isiah, I swear! I did NOT call her a bitch!

  • Mike R.
  • usty

    And the race to find Manny’s green monster piss-bucket ended violently…

  • Mac

    Now this whole routine is a little overdone, but someone’s gotta do the old gag…

    “Front-row seats at Historic Fenway Park: $330
    21 Sam Adams Boston Lagers for you and your frat brothers: $140
    Getting to show the whole world how Wicked awesome you are?


    Red Sox Nation–making asses of themselves, everywhere.”

    • Mike A.

      You forgot:

      JD Drew: worthless

  • Steven Spaller


  • deadrody

    “Theo Epstein and Brian Cashman in the first annual Yanks / Sox Dance Marathon Atomic Wedgie Twist Contest”

  • Marc

    “Evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb” – Spaceballs.

  • Elsupremo2

    Auntie Em! Uncle Henry! Toto! It’s a twister! It’s a twister!

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Bitch set me up!

  • Mike R.

    This is how the Red Sox collapse of ’07 went on to become “The Curse of the Asshole”

  • Mike 44

    A deranged Willie Bloomquist, unsatisfied with his miscalled stolen base earlier in the season, decides to fan the flames and steal Yankees’ Second Baseman, Robinson Cano’s hat after running onto the field in Fenway Park Sunday night. Bloomquist is seen here gesturing to Cano that he was indeed, safe.

  • Sean McNally

    Moments later, Flynnie has second thoughts about his impromptu campaign event to become president of Red Sox Nation.

  • Wordewizard

    In a botched terrorist plot, unidentified Boston fan curses “f–kin Yankees” when he realizes his trigger was swapped with Jonathon Papelbon’s cell phone.

    Kei Igawa: “In the country of my country, this is how we rolled.”

  • Cas

    New Era’s 2007 ad campaign: “Some people will do anything to get their hands on the new 59Fifty Authentic MLB caps with moisture management technology!!!”

  • Wordewizard

    “All my records they don’t get played,
    ‘cuz all my records they don’t get made,
    when you rap like me you don’t get paid,
    and when you roll like me you don’t get laid,”
    reports defeated Bostonian.

  • Sammy Sutton

    i its a shame that security intercepted the yankee fan cause he was after farnsworth and igawa

  • ShawnT

    “Red Sox fan claims Yankees reporter Kim Jones offered him $50 and oral relief for the hat”

    • dan

      hahah i wouldnt doubt it

  • ShawnT

    “Boyfriend of Red Sox 1B Kevin Youkallis seeks revenge after lover gets beatdown by Yankee pitchers Joba Chamberlain and Chen Ming Wang”

  • JerseyJohn

    The fashion police in effect, no white pants after labor day!

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  • A non mouse

    …giving new meaning to the term ‘Soxaholix’?

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I guess this is why Uncle Jason told me to always wear a facemask since you never know when you might be facing a beating.

  • LBA Prequel

    “Please don’t pants me…I’m swear I’m a Red Sox fan!”

  • Julie


  • Travis

    Having sworn off stealing laptops, but seeking the thrill of thievery, Boston’s Clay Buchholz swipes the next best thing.

  • Wordewizard

    Ever in hot pursuit of Lane Meyer, boy, now grown, goes to desperate measures to extract his two friggin’ dollars.

  • Wordewizard

    Young man wins dare: delay game so J-Pap can get in some extra warmup pitches.

  • Wordewizard

    Boston fan from the future attempts to alter history: Yankees to win division, Boston succumbs to Cleveland in the ALDS, describes next 47 years as “very bitter” in Massachusetts.

  • Lil Jimmy Norden

    Security guy: Oh, Jesus Christ, is that a fucking ladies thong?

    Sox fan: Tee hee, that tickles!

  • Abe

    Green tea enema for that Yankee fan

  • Alex

    “Nooo! I finally have a winner’s hat!”

  • Cam

    Tink, I finally made it Neverland!

  • Will

    Two loving Sox fans demonstrate what they think “Bowling over the ‘catcher'” means to them.

  • Cam

    I got your cell phone! I got your cell phone!

  • Cam

    I’m already pulled over! I can’t pull over any farther!

  • Cam

    OK, last one. The DVD set is totally sweet:

    ARRGGG, this hat is so tiiiiggghhhhtt!

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